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Life in Lynn County Texas 1850 - 1950

Lynn County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, family albums,  vintage postcards, old school yearbooks, family albums and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from Tahoka, O'Donnell, Wilson and New Home saw it.


Burnett Brothers Cattle in 1910Burnett Brothers Cattle in 1910

In 1910 the Burnett Brothers white face yearlings were featured in this promotional postcard at their ranch west of Tahoka

Fruit Orchard Near TahokaFruit Orchard Near Tahoka

Two women and a man posed for this huge highly-defined photo in front of a fruit orchard near Tahoka Texas in 1910

Weighing Feed At Farm StoreWeighing Feed At Farm Store

Dale Thuren Weighs Purina livestock feed as it is augured into his store in Tahoka in 1950s

Dale Thuren Farm Store in 1950sDale Thuren Farm Store in 1950s

In the 1950s Dale Thuren was operating feed stores in Tahoka and O'Donnell Texas and delivering  Purina Check-R-Mix feed throughout Lynn County.

Aycock Family at Their Lynn County Home in 1920sAycock Family at Their Lynn County Home in 1920s

Some time in the early 1920s the Aycock family posed on their porch in Lynn County Texas. Joel & Martha Aycock are in their chairs holding their baby boys Joel (Boy) & Elmer (Pie) and Flossie stands behind her parents. Photo provided by Kari Leanne Levacy-Torres

Flossie Aycock in New Lynn Texas in 1920Flossie Aycock in New Lynn Texas in 1920

In 1920 little Flossie Aycock posed at her home in  what is now the ghost town of New Lynn Texas with a little chair that appears to be holding two puppies. Photo courtesy of her granddaughter Kari Leanne Levacy-Torres.

Family Plows Field with 4-Mule Team in 1920sFamily Plows Field with 4-Mule Team in 1920s

In the 1920s a farmer in Lynn County near New Lynn Texas stopped his 4-mule team and posed with a young girl named Flossie Aycock, as her two little brothers and the family dog climbed on to the plow. Photo provided by KariLeanne Levacy-Torres. Flossie Aycock was her grandmother . . see it full size

New Lynn School Children in Mid 1920sNew Lynn School Children in Mid 1920s

In the mid 1920s 84 students of the New Lynn school near Tahoka Texas posed for this rare image from a town that no longer exists The article includes a list identifying the students . . . see it full size and read more

Downtown Tahoka Texas in 1912Downtown Tahoka in 1912 - Image one

In 1912 an unknown photographer captured 3 wide angle photos of downtown Tahoka. This is number 1 in the series and features pedestrians gathered in front of the R. G. Morris Grocery Store

Downtown Tahoka in 1912 - Image twoDowntown Tahoka in 1912 - Image two

Image two in this remarkable series of downtown Tahoka Texas in 1912 shows the real estate office, drug store, hardware store and hotel

Downtown Tahoka in 1912 - Part 3Downtown Tahoka in 1912 - Image 3

Image three of the downtown Tahoka Texas series features a buggy parked on the street near the Wells and Welcher General Merchandise, men standing near the hotel and a woman crossing the street near a calf that seems to be tied to the hitching post.

L. G. Phillips Store in O'Donnell in 1911L. G. Phillips Store in O'Donnell in 1911

Some time in 1911 L. G. Phillips posed in front of his General Merchandise store in O'Donnell Texas

Hotel Lynn in 1908Hotel Lynn in 1908

Here's a picture postcard of the Lynn Hotel in Tahoka Texas from 1908

Grassland School in Lynn County 1924Grassland School in Lynn County 1924

It's amazing to find a school photo this detailed from a ghost school from 1924. It's a real treasure when someone has hand written the names of the students below the photo. This is the case in this incredible image of the Grassland School in Lynn County Texas . . . read more an see full size


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