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Life in Kent County Texas 1850 - 1950

Kent County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers from Clairemont, Girard and Jayton. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Jayton Texas Orchestra in 1929Jayton Texas Orchestra in 1929

The Bluebonnet's Orchestra performing in Jayton Texas in 1929

Jayton's Band in 1925Jayton's Band in 1925

In 1925 the Jayton Concert Band competed in a contest of bands at the West Texas Chamber of Commerce convention held in Plainview Texas. The 31 members of the band are named in this photo titled JAYTON'S LAST BAND announcing their second place win.

Smart Motor Company in JaytonSmart Motor Company in Jayton

Rare photo of the Smart Motor Company service department in Jayton Texas in 1917. Boyce Kenady is on the left in this photo

Bryant Link Grocery in 1929Bryant Link Grocery in 1929

Inside view of the Bryant Link Grocery Store in Jayton Texas in 1929 showing customers, proprietor, fresh produce, canned goods and a penny-candy jar

Jayton Texas in 1914Jayton Texas in 1914

This was on Saturday afternoon and the town band is seated on the benches playing music. Patricia Hamilton's father, Thomas W. Fowler played trumpet in this band. The townsfolk and people who lived on farms gathered on the square each Saturday afternoon to visit and listen to the band . . .

Kent County Courthouse in 1950sKent County Courthouse

There's just something kind of haunting and lonely about  this old photo of the Kent County Courthouse in the 1950s.


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