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Life in Jones County Texas 1850 - 1950

Jones County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers Anson, Avoca, Hamlin, Hawley, Lueders and Stamford Texas.  This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Cowgirl Queen Endorses WheatiesCowgirl Queen Endorses Wheaties

In 1949 Jessie Myers of Hamilin Texas was featured in this article that included a plug for Wheaties Cereal. "Been riding since I was thirteen," says cowgirl Jessie Myers. Most of her prizes are won in girls' events---barrel race, flag race, goat tying, cow milking contests..." read more in the article

New Anson Hotel in Anson Texas in early 1905sNew Anson Hotel in 1950s

New Anson Hotel in Anson Texas in early 1950s

Church of Christ in Anson Texas in 1950sChurch of Christ in Anson in 1950s


Jones County Courthouse in 1940sJones County Courthouse in 1940s

Period cars in front of the Jones County Courthouse in Anson Texas in 1940s

Gathering in Anson in 1900sGathering in Anson in 1900s

Sometime in the early 1900s hundreds of men on horses and on foot gathered in downtown Anson Texas

Aerial View of Anson 1940sAerial View of Anson 1940s

Very nice aerial view of Anson Texas as the pilot buzzes the courthouse, probably in 1940s

Building Road in Jones County in 1920sBuilding Road in Jones County in 1920s

Early equipment, cars and trucks are tested in this road building project in Jones County Texas in the 1920

Oran Dean's Jewelry Store in Anson TexasOran Dean's Jewelry Store in 1940s Anson Texas

Margaret Letzkus shared this huge highly-detailed photo of Oran Dean's Jewelry Store in Anson Texas in 1940s. Oran is on the right and her uncle Ivy Dean is on the left.

Anson Elementary School Class in 1921 Anson Elementary School Class in 1924

In this huge 1924 class photo of the Anson Texas Elementary contributed by Margaret Letzkus three well dressed girls and six boys are pictured with their teacher. Margaret's dad, Clyde Dean, is just to the left of the teacher.

Anson Tigers High School Basketball team 1928Anson Tigers High School Basketball team 1928

In 1928 this huge highly detailed photograph of the Anson Texas Tigers High School Basketball Team was captured by an unknown photographer. Photograph courtesy of Margaret Letzkus whose father, Clyde Dean,  is pictured on the top row second from left

Downtown Hamlin in 1914Downtown Hamlin in 1914

In 1914 a huge crowd gathered  in front of the drug store. on the dirt street in  downtown Hamlin

Downtown Anson in the 1940sDowntown Anson in the 1940s

Sometime in the 1940s an unknown photographer stood in the middle of the street in downtown  Anson Texas to take this huge wide-angle shot

Southwestern Bell Telephone Switchboard in Hamlin in 1918Southwestern Bell Telephone Switchboard  in Hamlin in 1918

Here's a detailed view of the interior workings of a telephone switchboard in Hamlin Texas in 1918 with five women plugging and re-plugging cables to connect callers

Mayes Store in Hamlin Tx in Early 1900s Mayes Store in Hamlin in Early 1900s

Three men in the Mayes Store in Hamlin Texas with a nice selection of ornate wood burning stoves in the early 1900s. Anyone know what the sausage shaped things are hanging from the ceiling?

40 Bales Cotton  in Downtown Anson 191040 Bales Cotton 10 Horses in Anson 1910

In 1910, ten horses pulled 40 bales of cotton on a wagon train through downtown Anson Texas

Nugent Family in Jones County in 1908Nugent Family in Jones County in 1908

In 1908 the Nugent Family posed with a large watermelon and their dog in front of their home in Jones County Texas

Central Avenue in Hamlin in 1909Central Avenue in Hamlin in 1909

In 1909 pedestrians, horses, buggies and freight wagons filled Central Avenue in Hamlin Texas

Town Square in Anson in 1890Town Square in Anson in 1890

Amazing photo of Anson's Town Square in 1890 shows horses, buggies and people near the Palace Barber Shop and the Anson Post Office

Cotton Compress in Hamlin in 1910Cotton Compress in Jones County in 1910

Twenty-eight men, one woman and a dog posed for this large photo of the cotton compress in Jones County Texas in 1910

Jones County Courthouse in Anson in 1906

Jones County Courthouse in Anson in 1906

A lone horse waits for his rider to return at Jones County Courthouse on January 10, 1906

Men's Sunday School Class in AnsonMen's Sunday School Class in Anson

Men's Sunday School class at the First Baptist Church in Anson Texas in the 1930s

North Side 1st Methodist Church in Anson in 1900North Side 1st Methodist Church in Anson in 1900

1st Methodist Church in Anson Texas as seen in the 1900s on the dirt street of the north side

Women's Sunday School Class in Anson Texas 1930'sWomen's Sunday School Class Anson

In the 1930s thirty-four women, one man and a child posed for this photo of a women's Sunday school class in Anson Texas


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