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Life in Hutchinson County Texas 1850 - 1950
Life in Hutchinson County Texas 1850-1950

Hutchinson County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, generous contributions by family members, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it in Borger, Fritch, and Sanford Texas

North Plains Hospital in 1938North Plains Hospital in 1938

Nice old photo of the North Plains Hospital in Borger Texas in 1938

Main Street Borger in 1920sMain Street Borger in 1920s

Very busy day on Main Street in Borger Texas in the 1920s

Cowboy Down! Help on the WayCowboy Down! Help on the Way

A cowboy on the sprawling Turkey Track Ranch was heavily thrown from his horse and lay flat on his back when four fellow cowboys rushed to his aid in 1908

Cowboys Relax on Turkey Track RanchCowboys Relax on Turkey Track Ranch

In 1906 four Turkey Track Ranch cowboys squatted on the grass to play a game of Mumbly-Pegs while another cowboy reclines to watch in Hutchinson County Texas

Mildred Louise Rumage DeVaney in 1931Mildred Louise Rumage DeVaney in 1931

In 1931 Mildred Louise Rumage DeVaney stood on the bumper of a Model A Ford in Borger Texas when she was 18. The result was this beautiful photo of Hal DeVaney's mother and the car . . . see this beautiful image full size

Picnic on the Canadian Near Borger Texas in 1929Picnic on the Canadian Near Borger Texas in 1929

In 1929 a family had a picnic somewhere on the banks of the Canadian river near Borger Texas. Hal DeVaney provided this photo which shows his mother, Mildred Louise Rumage DeVaney wearing overalls standing in front of the little boy who's staring hungrily at the spread.

Swinging Bridge Near BorgerSwinging Bridge Near Borger

When you think of the Texas Panhandle you may not think of deep canyons where a swinging rope bridge would ever be needed but this amazing photo from August 28 1926 shows a boy walking across a swinging bridge near Borger Texas . . . see it full size

Big Tent Christian Church Revival in 1932Big Tent Christian Church Revival in 1932

Somewhere outside Borger near Philips Texas there was a Big Tent Christian Church Revival in 1932. This huge image of an old-time Christian Revival was contributed by Hal DeVaney shows his mother and father in the center front row . . . see it full size

Confiscated Moonshine Still in Stinett Texas  in 1919Confiscated Moonshine Still near Stinnett 1928

In 1928 lawmen confiscated a large moonshine still in Stinnett Texas and a newspaper captured this great old photo of the prohibition era in Hutchinson County . . ,. see full size

Search Warrant for Liquor in the Signal Hill Bank BuildingSearch Warrant for Liquor in the Signal Hill Bank Building

In 1928 the Hutchinson County Judge signed an an affidavit to search persons unknown for liquor in what is known as the Bank Building in Signal Hill. This is probably the document that resulted in the confiscation of the large moonshine still in 1928. Image provided by Pam Smith

Men at a Liquor Store in 1942Men at a Liquor Store in 1942

In 1942 three men were caught in front of a liquor store. One of the men seems to be raising his hand in protest of the photographer taking this photo. The sign behind them offers pints of Boons Knoll for $1.59, Walkers 93 for $1.29 a pint. Canadian Club for 2.29 and Imperial for $.1.29. See this crystal clear image full size.

Borger Refinery Worker With ChildrenBorger Refinery Worker With Children

In 1948 a refinery worker posed with his two little girls at their home in Borger Texas

Borger Family Meal in 1942Borger Family Meal in 1942

In 1948 a family of eight in Borger Texas sets down to enjoy a meal that includes a large cake.

Borger Oil Field Roughneck and Wife 1942Borger Oil Field Roughneck and Wife 1942


Borger Texas Main Street on a Busy Day in 1920Borger Texas Main Street on a Busy Day in 1920

In 1920 cars crowded this wide dirt street in Borger Texas in this large, detailed photo . . . tap to see full size

First Girl to Play High School FootballFrankie Groves, First Girl to Play High School Football

In this amazing old photo 16-year-old Frankie Groves, the first girl to play High School Football in Texas suits up to play for Stinnett Texas in 1947. It was on a frigid November 14 against arch-rival Groom High and against the wishes of many in her own hometown, that Frankie Groves became the first girl to play high school football in the State of Texas . . .

J.B. Moser House Moving & Trucking Borger 1930sJ.B. Moser House Moving & Trucking Borger 1930s

Three men stand in front of the J.B. Moser truck number 4 in 1930s. Sign on truck door says phone number is 684

Trucking Crane in Hutchinson County Texas in 1930sTrucking Crane in Hutchinson County Texas in 1930s.

Sometime in the 1930s near Borger a large crane was brought in to lift a heavy load for the J.B. Moser House Moving and Trucking Company.

Five Children in Borger Texas in 1930sFive Children in Borger Texas in 1930s

Anyone recognize these children from Borger Texas in the 1930s? The two oldest girls may be twins as they are dressed in identical skirts.

Borger Texas Main Street in 1938

Wide angle view of Main Street in Borger in 1938 showing the De Soto Dealership, Hotel Black, Drug Store and more.  Picture shown here is cropped. Tap the image to see both sides of the street


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