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Life in Hemphill County Texas 1850 - 1950

Hemphill County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Glazier and Canadian Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors saw it.

Glazier Texas in Early 1900sGlazier Texas in Early 1900s

Slow day in Glazier Texas in the early 1900s. Every structure in Glazier except one house and the town's jail was destroyed by a violent tornado on April 9, 1947, and 17 people were killed.

Santa Fe Reading Room in Canadian in 1911Santa Fe Reading Room in Canadian in 1911

In 1911 two people posed for this postcard of the Santa Fe Reading Room in Canadian Texas. The Santa Fe Railroad maintained reading rooms which were houses containing recreation rooms and libraries and... read more

Santa Fe Eating House Canadian in 1920Santa Fe Eating House Canadian in 1920

Three men walk to the Santa Fe Eating House in Canadian Texas in 1920

Man and Woman Inspect Destroyed HomeMan and Woman Inspect Destroyed Home

In 1947 a man and woman inspect their destroyed home after a tornado in Glazier Texas

Police Car and Debris in Glazier Texas in 1947Police Car and Debris in Glazier Texas in 1947

After the tornado of April 9, 1947 a Police car parked on the street in front of Weis Dry Goods Company and, Slack and Wassenmiller Grocery and Market in Frazier Texas

Private Walter F. Guthrie in 1943Private Walter F. Guthrie in 1943

In this photo Walter Guthrie is learning marksmanship with a carbine . In civilian life he was a gas station operator in Canadian, Texas

Real Service Station in Canadian in 1920Real Service Station in Canadian in 1920

Very large, very clear image of visual gas pumps and an old car at the Real Service Station in Canadian Texas in 1920

Parade in Downtown Canadian late 1800sParade in Downtown Canadian late 1800s

Sometime in the late 1880s the main street of Canadian Texas was filled with people there to watch decorated wagons and fine horses parade past

Main Street Canadian Texas in 1920Main Street Canadian Texas in 1920

In 1920 an unknown photographer captured this amazing photo main street of Canadian Texas showing pedestrians, horses and early cars traveling down the wide dirt street

July 4 Parade in Canadian Texas in 1910July 4 Parade in Canadian Texas in 1910

On July 4, 1910 many people gathered to watch the parade pass by Hotel Moody, Main Cafe, the local garage

Glazier Texas Railroad Depot in 1900Glazier Texas Railroad Depot in 1900

Sometime in 1900 four men and three mules posed for this photo of the Glazier Texas Railroad Depot

Canadian Texas in 1887Canadian Texas in 1887

Canadian Texas in 1887 showing early stores, houses and buildings

Canadian Texas Bird Hunt in 1910Canadian Texas Bird Hunt in 1910

These two hunters had a very nice morning hunt near Canadian Texas in 1910

Canadian Texas Railroad Depot in 1890Canadian Texas Railroad Depot in 1890

Very nice, very large and highly detailed photo of the Canadian Texas showing arriving  passengers and the conductor about to board his train

Conductor and Brakeman Having Lunch 1943Conductor and Brakeman Having Lunch 1943

In route to Canadian, Texas the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe brakeman Jack W. Torbet, left, and conductor James M. Johnson were captured having lunch in the caboose in 1943

Gerlach Mercantile Co in Canadian in 1920Gerlach Mercantile Co in Canadian in 1920

Gerlach Mercantile and First National Bank in Canadian Texas in 1920

Glazier Texas Main Street in 1920Glazier Texas Main Street in 1920

Huge photo of Glazier Texas in 1920 showing the hotel and York-Key Lumber Company


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