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Life in Coryell County Texas 1850 - 1950

Coryell County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from  Copperas Cove, Evant, Flat, Gatesville, Jonesboro, Mound, Oglesby and Purmela saw it.

Young Woman in Oglesby Texas in 1880sYoung Woman in Oglesby Texas in 1880s

Sometime in the 1880s an attractive young woman posed for this beautiful picture in Oglesby Texas

Gatesville Texas RR Station 1920sGatesville RR Station 1920s

Cotton Belt Railroad Station in Gatesville Texas in 1920s includes vintage car to help set the date

Coryell County Courthouse in 1908Coryell County Courthouse 1908

Coryell County Courthouse with smoke coming from the chimney in 1908

1931 Dairy barn at Gatesville School1931 Dairy barn at Gatesville School

In 1931 the dairy barn at the Gatesville reform school equipped with cement mangers, floors and gutters, steel stanchions and other modern sanitary devices and large enough to care for 108 cows at one time.

Gatesville Reform School ClassroomGatesville Reform School Classroom

In this rare photo of the class room of the State Juvenile Training School in Gatesville  Texas in 1931 twenty seven boys study at their desk while six work math problems on the chalk board

All Dressed Up for ChapelAll Dressed Up for Chapel

These young men  from the Gatesville School for Boys (reform school) were all dressed up in their finest suits to attend chapel in 1936. For many of them the suits were probably the only ones they had ever owned and probably made at the school's Tailor Shop.

Tailor Shop at Gatesville School for BoysTailor Shop at Gatesville School for Boys

In 1931 these boys from the Gatesville School for Boys were working hard and learning a trade in the Tailor Shop when this photo was captured for the school's pictorial yearbook.

Uniformed School Children in Gatesville in  1936Uniformed School Children in Gatesville 1936

38 children posed in their school uniforms in Gatesville Texas in 1936

Elementary School in Gatesville 1936Elementary School in Gatesville 1936

In 1936 ten girls, 10 boys and their teacher posed for their class photo in Gatesville Texas.

Gatesville School for Boys Baseball TeamGatesville School for Boys Baseball Team

In 1928, the Baseball Team of the Gatesville School for Boys posed for this huge highly-detailed photo of baseball teams in Texas.

Shoe Shop in Gatesville Reformatory in 1931Shoe Shop in Gatesville Reformatory in 1931

1931 at the shoe-shop at the Gatesville School for Boys (reformatory) three boys and their instructor posed for this huge highly detailed photo of life in the reformatory in the 1930s.

Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Lemons in Gatesville in 1930sMr. and Mrs. V. F. Lemons in Gatesville in 1930s

Virgil Lemons was the Chaplain at the Gatesville School for Boys and his wife Ruby was head of the music department at the school for eight years in Gatesville Texas in the early 1930s.

Henry & Martha Easterling in Evant 1940sHenry & Martha Easterling in Evant 1940s

Sometime in the 1940s Henry and Martha Easterling posed at their home in Evant Texas for this wonderful old photo.

Gatesville School For Boys DrillGatesville School For Boys Drill

In 1936 the boys in the Gatesville Texas School for Boys (reform school) was marching in formation when this photograph was taken.

Carter House in Evant TexasCarter House in Evant Texas

Sometime in the 1930s to 1940s the Carter family posed for this photo in Evant Texas. Pictured are David, Sudie and little James Carter seated on the fence post at the Carter family home.

Gatesville High School in 1955Gatesville High School in 1955

Interesting photo of the Gatesville Texas High School as it was in 1955

Coryell County Courthouse in 1940sCoryell County Courthouse in 1940s

Sometime in the 1940s an unknown photographer captured this photo of one of the most beautiful courthouses in Texas, the Coryell County Courthouse

Leon River Flood of 1936Leon River Flood of 1936

When the Leon River flooded at Gatesville Texas in 1936 a few daring photographers captured the event. In this photo one photographer stood on a high perch above the river and caught another photographer using a box camera to photograph the flooding river.

Ellamide Fechner in Gatesville in 1901Ellamide Fechner in Gatesville in 1901

In 1901 a beautiful little girl named Ellamide Fecner post for her portrait in Gatesville Texas


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