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Life in Collingsworth County Texas 1850 - 1950

Collingsworth County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors in Wellington, Samnorwood, Quail, Dodson, Aberdeen, Abra, Dozier, Fresno, Kessler, Lillie, Lutie, Pearl, Plymouth, Rolla and on the  Rocking Chair Ranch Texas saw it.

Birdseye View of Wellington TexasBirdseye View of Wellington Texas

Sometime in the late 1800s to early 1900s a photographer climbed to a high perch to capture this remarkable photo of Wellington Texas featuring the Wellington Drug Store Wellington Hardware Store and First National Bank

Aerial View of Wellington in 1900Aerial View of Wellington in 1900

Rare image of Wellington Texas in early 1900s showing hotel, Bailey Grocery Co and Pioneer Hdw Co

Downtown Wellington Texas in 1909Downtown Wellington Texas in 1909

On December 21, 1909 a large crowd gathered in front of the Wellington Drug Store in Wellington Texas

Harrison's Gin in Wellington TexasHarrison's Gin in Wellington Texas

Very nice photo showing horse drawn wagons at I.N. Harrison's Gin in Wellington Texas in the early 1900s

Parade in Wellington TexasParade in Wellington Texas

A parade in Wellington Texas in the early 1900s that appears to celebrate watermelons

Wellington Bottling Company in 1930Wellington Bottling Company in 1930

The Coca-Cola Bottling plant in Wellington Texas with vintage truck filled with soda pop ready to be delivered

Wellington Melon Wagon in 1922Wellington Melon Wagon 1922

In 1922 a farmer converted his covered wagon to a mobile melon stand and brought his harvest of watermelons to Wellington Texas

Wellington Texas Fire Dept 1925Wellington Texas Fire Dept 1925

Very nice photo of the Wellington Texas Fire Department with their trucks in 1925


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Collingsworth County Texas  Unclaimed EstatesCollingsworth County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Collingsworth County Left a total $3,728 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Wellington Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office. . . .  See the full list


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