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Life in Burnet County Texas 1850 - 1950

Burnet County, Texas from 1850 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. This was life in Burnet County Texas as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from Burnet, Briggs, Cottonwood Shores, Double Horn, Marble Falls, Meadowlakes, Bertram, Highland Haven, Oakalla and Granite Shoals  saw it.

Marble Falls Railroad Depot in 1892

In 1892 three people stood at the back of a passenger car at the Austin and Northwest Railroad Depot in Marble Falls Texas

Marble Falls in 1880Marble Falls in 1880

Rare birds-eye view of Marble Falls Texas in 1880

Fourth Grade Class in Burnet Texas in 1941Fourth Grade Class in Burnet Texas in 1941

Fourth grade class in 1941 in Burnet Texas. Wendell Lee Tarver is the only child yet identified in this old photo. He is on the front row, second from the right.

First Grade Class in Burnet in 1938First Grade Class in Burnet in 1938

27 Children from the first grade class in Burnet Texas in 1938. The boy on the far left has been identified as Wendell Lee Tarver

Birds-Eye View Burnet TexasBirds-Eye View Burnet Texas

Birds Eye view of Burnet Texas in the early 1800s shows the Grange Store and a local stable  in the forefront and a gleaming church in the background

Michel Store in Marble FallsMichel Store in Marble Falls

The Michel Store in Marble Falls Texas as it appeared in a late 1800s postcard

Pioneer Woman in 1890Pioneer Woman in 1890

Pioneer woman sat for this portrait at the A. D. Backstrom Studio in Burnet Texas in 1890

Young Boy in Uniform in 1890Young Boy in Uniform in 1890

In 1890 a young boy posed in uniform for this portrait at the A. D. Backstrom Studio in Burnet Texas.

Horse Drawn Carriages Horse Drawn Carriages

Rare photo of horse drawn carriages in Briggs Texas in the 1850s

Bertram Texas Train StationBertram Texas Train Station

Nice photo of the Bertram Texas train station in the 1950s with period cars nearby

Burnet County CourthouseBurnet County Courthouse

Burnet County County Courthouse in Burnet Texas in the 1930s as a period car passes by

Man Reclines in Front of Fan PalmsMan Reclines in Front of Fan Palm

In this photo post card post-marked Burnet Texas 1907 a man reclined in front of some fan palms

Playing in a Creek Near Oakalla in 1911Playing in a Creek Near Oakalla in 1911

Precious photo of Mary Frances Dycus Forbes Booth and her grandson Othel Smith playing in a creek near Oakalla, Texas in 1911

Downtown Burnet Texas in Early 1900sDowntown Burnet Texas in Early 1900s

Muddy day in downtown Burnet Texas as horse-drawn wagons and early cars and truck try to make their way though the flooded street

Oakalla School Class Photo in 1900Oakalla School Class Photo in 1900

Very nice class photo of the students and staff at the Oakalla School in Oakalla Texas in 1900

Scenic Walk in Burnet Texas in 1907Scenic Walk in Burnet Texas in 1907

Six men and four women went on a scenic walk in 1907 and posed for this photo at a beautiful spot near Burnet Texas


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