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Life in Bandera County Tx 1800 to 1950


Bandera County, Texas from 1800's to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers in Bandera, Pipe Creek, Tarpley, and Vanderpool.


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Round-Up Ranch in 1950sRound-Up Ranch in 1950s

Visitors to the Round-Up Ranch riding horses in Bandera Texas in the 1950s

Bandera Texas Street Scene in 1940sBandera Texas Street Scene 1940s

Nice view of stores and old cars on the street with the Bandera County Courthouse in the background

Bandera County Courthouse in 1940sBandera County Courthouse in 1940s


Ezra Alpheas Chipman in Bandera in 1907Ezra Alpheas Chipman in Bandera in 1907

In 1907 Bandera County pioneer Ezra Alpheas Chipman was captured on film with some of his family in this large photo.

Frontier Hotel in Bandera in 1950sFrontier Hotel 1950s Bandera

No place to park in front of the Frontier Hotel in Bandera Texas in the 1950s . . .

Main Street Bandera Texas in 1910Main Street Bandera Texas in 1910

Sometime in 1910, an unknown photographer captured this incredible image of an ox-drawn covered wagon on main street in Bandera Texas

St Stanislaus Rectory in Bandera in 1931St Stanislaus Rectory in Bandera in 1931

In 1931 two women and a man posed in front of Saint Stanislaus Rectory in Bandera with what appears to be a little girl reclining in the raised flower bed

Lost Valley Ranch in Bandera in 1950sLost Valley Ranch in Bandera in 1950s

Sometime in the 1950s a group of tourists ride horses on the trail in front of the Lost Valley Swimming Pool in Bandera Texas

1938 Bandera Texas Football Team1938 Bandera Texas Football Team

Very large photo of the Bandera Texas football team in 1938

Davenport Store in Bandera Texas  in 1900Davenport Store in Bandera in 1900

In 1900 Proprietors of the Davenport Store in Bandera Texas posed for this huge highly-detailed photo
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Interior View of Frontier Times Museum in 1940Frontier Times Museum in 1940

Interior View of Frontier Times Museum in Bandera Texas in 1940

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Bandera Street Scene in 1940sBandera Street Scene in 1940s

Vintage cars line the street in front of Corner Drug Store, Bottles Stores and  and the OST in 1940 Bandera Texas

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