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Red Light Cameras Pose Legal Hazard For City Officials


Motorist Moons City's Money Makers


Red Light Cameras


License Plate Spray No Match For New Red Light Cameras

 The new cameras don't use flash and also have video to make sure the license plate number is captured. But spray manufacturer says he has new technology to defeat the new cameras. It's a high tech arms race.

CBS Video reproduced with permission

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Lawsuits to Fight Red Light and Traffic Cameras

  • Sioux Falls and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. alleging city traffic cameras violate South Dakota state code. (Nov-21-06)

  • City of Davenport, IL alleging city traffic cameras violate Illinois state code. (Aug-30-06)
  • Baltimore City et al. alleging inadequate time on amber lights.
  • San Francisco Motorists Win $400,000 settlement in lawsuit claiming the systems are illegal because they are either operated by for-profit companies, or the company is paid a fee from any tickets issued.
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