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Lamb County Unclaimed Estates

Lamb County Texas Unclaimed Estates

Unclaimed estates in Littlefield, Sudan, Springlake, Earth, Amherst and Olton Texas have a total $29,548 due heirs and beneficiaries.


NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. It is not an offer for housing or credit. The word estate as used here, refers to assets left by deceased people to their heirs and is not a reference to real estate. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Estate of Carmelita Ann Wood $5,279 Littlefield
Estate of Floyd D Pinkerton $5,205 Littlefield
Estate of Samuel Delariva $2,142 Sudan
Estate of Catherine Wilson $2,066 Littlefield
Edgar D White Estate $1,887 Sudan
Estate of Helena Orr $1,804 Springlake
Estate of Coronado Estella $1,403 Littlefield
Estate of Jimmie D Stanaford $1,284 Littlefield
Charles A Duval Estate $1,177 Littlefield
Estate of Rodney Lorenz $1,124 Littlefield
Barney I Klein Jr Estate $1,039 Littlefield
Estate of Correne Mcspadden $602 Amherst
Estate of Dan A Cure $480 Olton
Estate of Roland Wingo $444 Littlefield
Estate of Leslie F Lichte $343 Littlefield
Estate of Kenneth H Helms $256 Littlefield
Estate of Carrasco Dominga $223 Littlefield
George Wade Jr Estate $218 Littlefield
Estate of Pauline Jones $209 Olton
Estate of Phyllis J Murphy $192 Littlefield
Estate of Ouida Parrish The $149 Sudan
Vennie Glass Estate $137 Littlefield
Estate of Russell Roger L $132 Olton
Estate of Roy L Langgood Jr $126 Littlefield
Estate of Howard Varner $123 Littlefield
Walker Estate Agency $116 Olton
Estate of Fred Nelson $115 Earth
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
F O Masten Estate $89 Sudan
Estate of Fred Nelson $89 Earth
Estate of Joe P Van Dyck $69 Amherst
Don Estate of Brooks $67 Olton
Athol C Light Sr Estate $61 Olton
Walker Estate Agency $52 Olton
Barbara Chandler Estate $52 Sudan
Estate of Homer Howard $51 Littlefield
Walker Estate Agency $50 Olton
Estate of Loyie D Hill $41 Littlefield
Estate of Charles R Dickerson $29 Littlefield

This is a partial list showing only Lamb County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  Browse unclaimed estates by county or See more sorted by city

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


Did You Find Money? Claim Your Family's Inheritance at Claim it Texas Texas' Official Unclaimed Property Site.


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