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Life in Kimble County Tx 1940

Kimble County, Texas in 1940 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers in Junction, London, Roosevelt, Cleo, Denman, Noxville, Roca Springs, Segovia, Teacup, Telegraph and Yates . . .


Interior of Kimble County WarehouseInterior of Kimble County Warehouse

Five workers relax while they wait on one worker to finish his work inside the Kimble County Wool and Mohair Company Warehouse in Junction, Texas in 1940

Goat Shearers with Baby GoatsGoat Shearers with Baby Goats

In March of 1940 five goat shearers are separating baby goats from the adults and putting their mommas into a shed for shearing in Junction Texas. The little ones were provided with a-frame shelters to protect them from the sun.

Worker Hoists Bag of MohairWorker Hoists Bag of Mohair

A worker hoists a sack of mohair into place for storage at the Kimble County Wool and Mohair Company Warehouse in Junction, Texas in 1940 in this excellent photo by Russell Lee

Methodist Church in Junction TexasMethodist Church in Junction Texas

Very nice photo of the Methodist Church in Junction Texas in 1953

Fritz Hotel in Junction 1928Fritz Hotel in Junction 1928

Very nice photo of the Fritz Hotel in Junction Texas in 1928 with smokestack in background and vintage car on the right

Aerial View of Junction in 1920sAerial View of Junction in 1920s

Sometime in the 1920s a photographer dragged his heavy camera to a high perch and captured this birds-ey view of Junction Texas

Junction Texas Bank in 1920sJunction Texas Bank in 1920s

In the 1920s the street in front of the bank in Junction Texas was covered in piles of gravel almost blocking the Model Ts and a horse.

Kimble County Courthouse in 1940sKimble County Courthouse in 1940s

Kimble County Courthouse in Junction Texas in 1940s

Birds Eye View Junction Texas in 1944Birds Eye View Junction 1944

Great old aerial photo of Junction Texas in Kimble County in 1944

V Bar H Ranch 1930sV Bar H Ranch 1930s

Six horses and their riders at the V-Bar-H ranch in Kimble County near Junction Texas in 1930s

Herding Goats in Kimble CountyHerding Goats in Kimble County

With help from his dog a sheep and goat rancher herds goats into to corral in Kimble County Texas in 1940

Highway to Junction in 1940sHighway to Junction in 1940s

Sometime in the 1940s an unknown photographer captured this picturesque image of Junction Texas

Hammer Found Embedded in Stone in 1936 Hammer Embedded in Stone Found in Kimble County in 1936

This man-made hammer of modern origin was found near London, Texas in northeast Kimble County in 1936, encased in Cretaceous (dinosaur-age) limestone that is supposedly many millions of years old. The hammer had to be in existence before it could ... read more and see full size

Emptying Freshly Sheared Mohair Into SackEmptying Freshly Sheared Mohair Into Sack

A goat rancher empties freshly sheared mohair into a sack in March 1940 in Kimble County. The sack will weigh up to 300 pounds when full

Aerial View Junction Texas in 1940Aerial View Junction Texas in 1940

In March of 1940 famed photographer Russell Lee took this huge aerial photo of Junction Texas. Does anyone know anything about the mysterious stone structure in the bottom right of this photo?

1930s Camp Ground in Junction Texas1930s Camp Ground in Junction Texas

Very large photo of a campground in Junction Texas in the 1930s with clothes drying on the line and early campers

New Theatre Under Construction in Junction 1920sNew Theatre Under Construction in Junction 1920s

In the 1920s twelve men were working hard to complete a new theatre in Junction Texas when they paused for this photo that would be used as a promotional postcard

Deer Hunters in Kimble County in 1899Deer Hunters in Kimble County in 1899

Two deer hunters in 1899 preparing meat and hides for market in Kimble County Texas

Hunters Stop At Sinclair Station in Junction in 1932Hunters Stop At Sinclair Station in Junction in 1932

In 1932 four hunters posed with their cars, deer and the owner of the Sinclair Station in Junction in this crystal clear image.

Daughter of Sheep and Goat Rancher Kimble County, Tx 1940

Sheep and goat rancher's daughter studies in rocking chair with quilt on her lap.


Dinner on ranch Kimble County Tx 1940

Rancher and wife sit down for dinner in Kimble County Texas in 1940


Gathering up mohair Kimble County Tx 1940

Shearers pick up mohair after shearing angora goats in Kimble County Texas in 1940


Sheep Ranch in Kimble County Tx 1940

"Cowboys" herd sheep and goats on ranch in Kimble County.


Goat Ranchers Dinner 1940

After a hard day's work, ranch family sits down for meal with family and friends in 1940.


Goat Shearer Kimble County Tx 1940

Kimble County goat shearer takes a break from the back breaking work in 1940.


Kimble County Ranchers Gather at Cafe in Junction Texas in 1940

Pinkie Pinkerton stands in local cafe visiting with local ranchers and townsmen

Shearing a Goat with a Model A

In 1940 motorized goat shearing was made possible by powering the device with a Model A through belts connected to the axle.

Ranchman Kimble County TxRanchman in Kimble County Texas in 1940

Exhausted and worried rancher pauses during sheep shearing in Kimble County Texas in 1940. He has a lot riding on this year's crop of wool and mohair.


Making a telephone call, Kimble County, Tx 1940

With hat hanging from antelope horns, Kimble County rancher cranks phone to make a call in 1940.


Migrant Shearer in Kimble County Texas in 1940

Unnamed migrant sheep and goat shearer takes a break  to wash hands in washbowl.

Rancher Ecourages Newborn GoatRanchman Encourages Baby Goat

Rancher encourages newborn goat to suckle its mother in 1940

Angora goats playing and eating in Kimble County hay barn in 1940Goats in Hay Barn

Angora goats playing and eating in Kimble County hay barn in 1940

Kimble Wool & Mohair Company, Junction, Texas in 1940



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Kimble County Unclaimed Estates

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