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Life in Kerr County Tx 1934 to 1943


Kerr County, Texas in 1934 to 1943 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.

Sheriff W.D.C. Burney Shows Off New CarFirst Sheriff Shows Off New Car

In 1914, William Dewitt Clinton Burney, who was a Texas Ranger and the first sheriff of Kerr County posed with his new car in this very nice old photo.

Blue Bonnet Hotel in 1956Blue Bonnet Hotel in 1956

No place to park at the Blue Bonnet Hotel in Kerrville Texas in 1956 in this huge very-clear photo postmarked 1956

Birds-Eye View Kerrville in 1910Birds-Eye View Kerrville in 1910

In 1910 a photographer climbed to a high perch to capture this birds-eye view of Kerrville Texas

Camp Waldemar in 1941Camp Waldemar in 1941

Four girls canoeing at Camp Waldemar in Kerrville in 1941

Westminster AuditoriumWestminster Auditorium

Westminster Auditorium in Kerrville Texas as it appeared in 1937

Kerrville Train Station in 1900Kerrville Train Station in 1900

Four men, a woman and a horse drawn wagon in front of the Kerrville Texas train station in 1900

Parade in Kerrville 1950Parade in Kerrville 1950

Troops marching past the E.R. Dischinger Realty Co and the meat market in 1950 parade in Kerrville Texas

Main Street in Kerrville in 1933Water Street Kerrville in 1933

In 1933 a photographer climbed to a high perch near the Charles Schreiner Companyto capture this birds-eye view of main street in Kerrville Texas

Gulf Station in Kerrville in 1930Gulf Station in Kerrville in 1930

Gulf gas station in Kerrville Texas in 1930s with period cars and visual gas pumps that allowed customers to see how much gas they were getting before it was put in the car's tank

1921 Kerrville Rodeo Cowboys1921 Kerrville Rodeo Cowboys

Two cowboys at the Kerrville Rodeo in 1921 with one cowboy transferring from one horse to another.

Kerrville in 1950Kerrville in 1950

Busy day in Kerrville Texas near the Manhattan Restaurant and Humble Station that boasted rest rooms that are extra clean in 1950

Family in Kerrville in Their Model T FordFamily in Kerrville in Model T Ford

With their young son at the wheel a family posed in their Model T Ford in Kerrville Texas 1913

Inside a Grocery Store in Kerrville in 1910Inside a Grocery Store in Kerrville in 1910

Highly detailed photo of a grocery store in Kerrville Texas in 1910

Pioneer Stories from E. A. (Doc) SteelePioneer Stories from E. A. (Doc) Steele

Old Time Cowboy Tells Stories about Early Days in Kerr County Texas. This story is about how a German Immigrant Held Off 100 Comanche Raiders. Published April 24 1909 in The Kerrville Mountain Sun . . . read the article

Old streetcar made into tire shop. Kerrville, Tx 1939Old streetcar made into tire shop. Kerrville, Texas 1939


Dr. Pinson Feeding His Pet Deer in Kerrville in 1930'sDr. Pinson Feeding His Pet Deer n 1930's


Apartment Building Kerrville Tx 1939Apartment Building Kerrville Texas 1939


Lone Star Lodge Kerrville Texas 1940'sLone Star Lodge Kerrville Texas 1940's


Water Street Kerrville Tx 1940 Water Street Kerrville Tx 1940

Old photo of Water Street in Kerrville in the 1940s showing Old photo of Water Street in Kerrville in the 1940s showing Pfempells drug store and old coin operated weigh stations at entrance. drug store and old coin operated weigh stations at entrance. View full size

Vintage Kerrville Tx 1939Vintage Kerrville Texas in 1939



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Kerr County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Kerrville, Center Point, Hunt, Ingram and Mountain Home left a total $341,809 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please Tag or Share this with your Family and Friends to Let them know they can collect it from the Texas Comptroller's Office . . . see the list

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