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Famous People from Floyd County Texas
James E (Jim) Doucette
James E (Jim) Doucette
James Doucette is a successful Rancher, Banker, Entrepreneur and Author who has spent most of his life in Floyd County Texas. James grew up in the Northeast, but it seems he got here as quick as he could. After a stint in the Navy, he worked for several telecommunications companies until 1983 when he moved to Texas and started his own company.


Doucette founded Cablevision of Texas in 1984, and constructed or purchased over four hundred cable television systems, purchased a telephone installation company and a home security service. The businesses served over one hundred thousand customers in thirteen states.

He and his wife, Denise, purchased the Flat Top Mountain Ranch in 1988. In 1990 he purchased the First National Bank of Lockney and during the next eight years, added four additional banks. He began selling his businesses in 1998 and retired in 1999.

Since his retirement, James E. (Jim) Doucette has written multiple successful books including Flat Top Mountain Ranch: The Beginning, The Last Assassination, Russia's Biggest Hack: A Tale of Espionage and Intrigue, Stealing Fire and his memoirs The Not So Great American Novel. Doucette books can be found in books stores and on Amazon.


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