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Iroquois County Clerk Indicted on Multiple Felony Charges


Iroquois County Clerk Mark Henrichs has been indicted by a grand jury on multiple felony charges following a six-month investigation by the Illinois Attorney General’s office. The charges are centered on the alleged theft of $17,500 in taxpayer's money  used for the purchase of a mobile voting unit.

Henrichs, 51, promoted the purchase of a 1996 Holiday Rambler trailer by the Iroquois County Board for more than twice its appraised value but allegedly hid the fact that Henrichs himself was the true owner. According to court documents Henrichs mislead the board into believing a Chicago-area auto dealership owned the trailer.

The attorney general's office confirmed Dec. 6 it would prosecute the long-standing clerk on two counts of felony theft of government property, two counts of forgery and four counts of official misconduct.

The most serious charge – a Class 1 felony for theft of government property – alleges Henrichs obtained control by deception over a check for $17,500 from the county after creating the false impression that the county clerk's office would be purchasing the trailer from Expert Auto Sales in Chicago. If convicted, the six foot nine inch Henrichs could face four to 15 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $25,000.

The second count of theft – a Class 2 felony – accuses Henrichs of obtaining a check from the county for $7,749, which the indictment says was a portion of the $17,500 proceeds to Expert Auto Sales.

The Class 3 forgery charges allege that Henrichs filled out and delivered an Expert Auto Sales bill of sale to make it appear the business sold the trailer to the county clerk's office. The indictment claims he knew the business had not.

The Class 3 official misconduct charges allege Henrichs knowingly committed theft on or about Feb. 1, 2007, using his official capacity to perform an illegal act.

Henrichs, a former all-state high school basketball player, won a four-way GOP primary in the 1998 election to replace longtime County Clerk John Kuntz, who retired. In 2002, He easily won re-election against longtime Democratic Sheriff Joe Mathy, who had decided not to seek a sixth term as sheriff.

No warrant has been issued.  Henrichs is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 10 in circuit court in Watseka, after which he will report to the sheriff's department for booking.

For more on this please read: Iroquois County clerk convicted on corruption charges





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