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Identity & Privacy Breach Cases

  • State of Arizona. A class action lawsuit has been launched against the state of Arizona in regards to the State's use of an individual's Social Security number as their driver's license number
  • Ameriprise Financial alleging negligence resulting in identity theft. (Jan-31-06)
  • ING Financial Services allegedly negligent when personal data was not properly protected. (Jul-5-06)
  • Veteran Affairs alleging poor enforcement of security leading to data theft. (May-24-06)
  • N.C. Soft allegedly failed to verify the identifications of members when they registered which allegedly lead to identity theft. (Feb-27-06)
  • SAIC (identity theft) alleging negligence resulting in identity theft. (May-4-05)
  • B.J. Marchese Auto World A $2.45 million settlement awarded to victims of identity theft. (Jan-31-05)
  • Microsoft Explorer alleging serious security risks when running Explorer with Windows 1998 and 2000. (Jan-17-05)
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