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Hutchinson County Unclaimed Estates

Hutchinson County Unclaimed Estates

Unclaimed estates in Hutchinson County, Borger, Fritch, Sanford, Phillips and Stinnett Texas have $118,288 due heirs and beneficiaries.

NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Estate of Vanessa Salinas $39,972 Borger
Estate of Dorothy H Brenner $11,500 Fritch
Ralph Platzer Estate $7,000 Borger
Ca L Welch Estate $5,780 Borger
Maxine & Kay Davis Estate $5,156 Borger
Estate of Minnie M Tucker $4,605 Borger
Zachary A Bennett Estate $3,918 Borger
Billy Stroup Estate $3,838 Fritch
Estate of J W Butler $2,427 Borger
Estate of Alice Holt $2,217 Borger
June K Christian Estate $2,128 Borger
Tyler Davis Estate $1,663 Borger
Estate of Claud Killingsw $1,577 Borger
Johnny Hogue Estate $1,565 Fritch
Tyler Davis Estate $1,410 Borger
Estate of Kyle Morrow $1,100 Stinnett
Lou E Barnett Estate $1,095 Borger
Estate of Chris Lemons $1,000 Borger
Estate of Helen E Branham $1,000 Borger
Estate of Vincent Langen Jr $1,000 Borger
Estate of Mildred P Maggart $942 Fritch
Estate of Margaret Smith $837 Borger
Pamela G Fitzgerald Estate $835 Borger
Estate at 410 Coronado $832 Fritch
Johnnie Kelley Estate $796 Borger
Michael P Menchio Estate $781 Fritch
Estate of Lillie Ingram $749 Fritch
Estate of James Roberts $710 Borger
Estate of Cora L Greenwood $638 Borger
Estate of George Crow $603 Borger
Estate of Jerry Stodghill $512 Borger
Estate of William Dean The $504 Borger
Estate of Claudia M Bradley $500 Phillips
Estate of Lillie Ingram $500 Fritch
Estate of George M Parkhurst $465 Borger
Estate of Jerry Stodghill $400 Borger
Estate of J Sotelo $339 Stinnett
Estate of Sims Stella $328 Borger
Mcrea Luginbyhl Estate $312 Borger
June K Christian Estate $311 Borger
Estate of Gary Winters $291 Borger
Charles Allen Estate Patman $268 Borger
George Umbarger Estate $244 Fritch
Opal Umbarger Estate $244 Fritch
Robert G Gallaway Estate $232 Borger
Estate of D Cowan $228 Borger
Miller Estate Billie $205 Borger
Estate of Diana T Leatherman $190 Sanford
Estate of Ora D Lallement $175 Fritch
Wayne Estate Billington $170 Borger
Estate of Mary E Vaughn $165 Borger
Estate of Miller, Billie $159 Borger
O C Lallement Estate $158 Fritch
Agnes Stover Estate $154 Borger
Estate of Charlsie Dolney $149 Borger
Jack A Porterfield Estate $132 Borger
Raymond D Anderson Estate $109 Fritch
Estate of Anita J Holland $109 Borger
Edna Littlefield Estate $106 Borger
Brian Looney Estate $104 Borger
Estate of M Moore $100 Borger
Estate of Pauline Rimel $96 Borger
Estate of Harlan Conrow $92 Fritch
Jack A Porterfield Estate $90 Borger
Jack A Porterfield Estate $89 Borger
Estate of Bessie Cartwright $87 Borger
Estate of Donald D Beene $84 Borger
Estate of Poyner Dub H $83 Fritch
Lonny E Park Estate $82 Borger
Estate of Helen T Mccarthy $81 Borger
Stephens Estate of Antha M $81 Borger
Estate of Veretta Dale $75 Borger
Estate of Richard Espinoza $74 Borger
Estate of Mozel S Stowe $72 Fritch
Estate of Reba Thompson $72 Stinnett
Estate of Linda Andersen $71 Borger
Estate of Richie Eakins $70 Borger
Leslie Poole Estate $70 Borger
Estate of A A Mcwilliams $66 Borger
Estate of Sharon Klinger $66 Borger
Estate of Danny Lowe $65 Fritch
Estate of Michael A Collins $64 Fritch
Estate of Linda A Jackson $64 Borger
Estate of Dorothy E Mosley $56 Borger
Tommie Cummings Estate $55 Borger
Gladys Cash Estate $53 Borger
Estate of Leslie E Miller $52 Fritch
Estate of Gerald Naylor The $51 Borger
Jerry Herin Estate $50 Fritch
Estate of Smith $50 Fritch
Estate of Young, Roy R $50 Borger
Jack A Porterfield Estate $50 Borger
Estate of Joella Long $46 Fritch
Charles Ball Estate $45 Borger
Estate of Vera M Stiles $45 Stinnett
Estate of Raymond Hill $40 Borger
Rutherford Estate Jack $40 Borger
Betty Rusk Estate $35 Fritch
Estate of Chester V Holley $35 Borger
Herman Dean Estate $32 Borger
Riley Estate Martha C $30 Stinnett
Estate of Adam W $30 Borger
Estate of Roger Montrose $28 Borger
Kay Mayberry Loretta Estate $27 Borger
Mcrea Luginbyhl Estate $27 Borger
Mcrea Luginbyhl Estate $27 Borger
Mcrea Luginbyhl Estate $26 Borger
Mcrea Luginbyhl Estate $26 Borger
Estate of Lance Martin $26 Borger
Estate of Mona Eshbach $25 Borger

This is a partial list showing only Hutchinson County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  Browse unclaimed estates by county or See more sorted by city

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


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