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Life in Hockley County Tx 1936 to 1939

Hockley County, Texas in 1936 to 1939 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers in Anton, Levelland, Pep, Ropesville, Smyer, Sundown and Whitharral



Fair Department Store Levelland in 1948Fair Department Store Levelland 1948

It was a big day when the Fair Department Store opened for business in Levelland Texas in 1948

Ropesville Farm in 1936Ropesville Farm in 1930s

Peaceful scene on a farm near Ropesville Texas in 1936 with clothes drying on the line under windmill

Ropesville School Bus in Early 1920sRopesville School Bus in Early 1920s

Sometime in the early 1920s thirteen students crowded into the school bus in Ropesville Texas while one stood on the runner for their ride home from school

Hanging Laundry in Levelland in 1954Hanging Laundry in Levelland in 1954

In 1954 Nellie Gertrude Anthony Kiser was hanging laundry out to dry when someone captured this photo of laundry day in Levelland Texas

Eddie Schlottman with 4-Mule Team in 1940Eddie Schlottman with 4-Mule Team

In 1940 Eddie Schlottman showcased a 4-Mule team he had trained on a farm near Pep Texas in this huge highly-detailed image courtesy of his granddaughter Corinna Robinson

T. A. Pace Family in 1951T. A. Pace Family in 1951

In 1951 seven members of the T. A. Pace family from Levelland were featured in an article in The Tank Truck Magazine. It's a bit blurry but the faces are recognizable and the text will be readable for some.

Hub Cafe Levelland Texzs in 1946Hub Cafe Levelland Texas in 1946

Waitresses and customers in the Hub Cafe in Levelland Texas in 1946.

Horse-drawn Plow Near Ropesville, Texas in 1936


Muddy Street in Auton in 1937Muddy Street in Downtown Anson, Texas Hockley County 1937


Farm Family Ropesville, Hockley County Tx 1939

In 1939, a tenant farmer, his wife and their little boy posed on their porch near Ropesville Texas

Kaffir seed grown by Ropesvelle Tx farmers in 1939Kaffir Seed Grown by Ropesville Farmers in 1939

Resettled Farmer and Wife  in Ropesville, Texas in 1936Resettled Farmer and Wife in Ropesville, Texas in 1936

Digging an Earth Tank with horse-drawn plow in Hockley County 1936Digging a Livestock Tank with Horse-drawn plow in Hockley County 1936

Farm Near Ropesville in Hockley County Texas in 1939

Farmer and  Tractor in Anton Texas in 1949J W James With His Tractor in Anton Texas in 1949


Books about Hockley County People and Places

Books about Hockley County Texas PeopleBooks about People from about people and places in Levelland, Anton, Smyer, Sundown and Ropesville Texas

Hockley County Unclaimed Estates

Hockley County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Hockley County Left a total $36,794 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please share or tag your Family and Friends from Levelland, Anton, Smyer, Whitharral, Sundown and Ropesville Texas to Let the heirs know . . . Check the list


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