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Missing County Official Sought On Sexual Assault Charges


Hidalgo County District Clerk Omar Guerrero is wanted by Mission police for allegedly sexually assaulting a fifteen-year-old girl. Guerrero was supposed to surrender himself on Friday. Authorities say he didn't show and is still at large.

Police told KGBT- 4 Action News that his relatives know where Guerrero's might be. When the news team went to his parents' home they were met by the clerk's father, Chuy Guerrero.

"I'm not a public servant," his dad said. "So I have nothing to say to the public."

According to his attorney, Al Alvarez, the clerk has been out of town. Mission Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his location.

Mission police went to Guerrero's McAllen home as part of their investigation into the district clerk's whereabouts. They saw a back gate open and a rear window was broken, said Sgt. Martin Garza.

The Mission police called the McAllen Police Department and officers entered the home.  Sgt. Garza said, "We saw a substantial amount of (drugs) out in plain view."

Guerrero has faced a series of legal battles since taking office. Back in November 2005, he was charged with a Class B misdemeanor for driving while intoxicated and drug possession. 28-year-old Guerrero refused to take a blood test, citing his belief in the ancient African religion Ifa.. He later apologized to constituents and said he was moving on and thanked God and his family for all the support.

This year in September, Guerrero was charged with assaulting and threatening to kill his wife.

Several county employees have complained about Guerrero since he took office in 2003, alleging he was frequently absent and arbitrarily fired some workers, the newspaper reported. As district clerk, Guerrero earns about $67,000 yearly and receives a $5,400 annual car allowance.

Guerrero lost his bid for re-election in March and was scheduled to leave office Dec. 31.

Sgt. Martin Garza, public relations officer for the Mission Police Department told News for Public Officials that as of 4:30 Tuesday afternoon Guerrero had not turned himself in.

Garza said anyone knowing the whereabouts of Hidalgo District Clerk Guerrero should contact Crime Stoppers at (956) 581-8477.

Update: Dec-14-96

Police officially declared Guerrero a fugitive Wednesday. In the week that authorities have searched for the fugitive clerk, Guerrero has earned more than $1,000 in taxpayer money. Fortunately for the taxpayers, Guerrero will be replaced in January by incoming Clerk Laura Hinojosa, daughter of U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa.

Guerrero, 29, will continue to receive his annual salary of more than $68,000 and a car stipend of more than $5,000 until his term expires Dec. 31.

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