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Life in Hall County Tx 1850 to 1950


Hall County, Texas in 1937 to 1939 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers in Estelline, Lakeview, Memphis and Turkey Texas

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Light Crust Dough Boys in 1933Light Crust Dough Boys in 1933

The Light Crust Doug Boys posed in front of their bus in 1933. (Left to Right) W. Lee O'Daniel, Bob Wills fiddle, Herman Armspiger guitar, Tommy Duncan guitar and vocals, Sleepy Johnson tenor banjo and unidentified bus driver

Babies in Memphis TexasBabies in Memphis Texas

Sometime between 1908 - 1924 Wiley Dewitt Orr captured these adorable babies in Memphis Texas

Family in Memphis Texas Early 1900sFamily in Memphis Texas in Early 1900s

In the early 1900s a young family posed for this family portrait at Orr's Studio in Memphis Texas

Commercial Club in 1910Commercial Club in 1910

Sometime in 1910 a large group of people gathered on foot on their horses and in their wagons in front of the Commercial Club in Memphis Texas

In the 1930s the New Cobb Hotel in Memphis Texas was open for businessNew Cobb Hotel in 1930s

In the 1930s the New Cobb Hotel in Memphis Texas was open for business

Gathering at Miles Turner Hutcherson RanchGathering at the Miles Turner Hutcherson Ranch

In 1900 a a large group of family and friends gathered for an event on the Miles Turner Hutcherson Ranch in Hall County Texas, Mr. Hutcherson can be seen in the center of the photo

Corn Harvest in Hall County TexasCorn Harvest in Hall County

In 1900 Lora and Irene Hutcherson sat on a horse-drawn harvesting machine to pose with two unknown men during the corn harvest in Hall County Texas. Lora is sitting on the machine holding the reins and Irene is standing holding a shock of corn.

Hutcherson's of Hall County on HorsebackHutcherson's of Hall County on Horseback

Sometime in the late 1800s siblings Demmie (died 15 years) Richard and Ellen Hutcherson posed for this photo on their ranch in Hall County Texas.The Hutcherson family were early pioneers of Hall County.

Hutcherson Sisters of Hall County TexasHutcherson Sisters of Hall County Texas

In 1908 Three sisters posed for a graduation photograph  L-R Irene Hutcherson, Ella Hollifield, Julia Hutcherson. Irene and Julia were sisters and Ella was Julia's sister because: Irene's and Julia's mother died shortly after Julia's birth. She asked her friend Missouri Hollifield to raise the baby as she had too many other children to for her husband to manage. She raised Julia and this was Julia's graduation day

9-Year-Old Cowboy in Memphis Tx9-Year-Old Cowboy in Memphis Tx

Sometime around 1917 Edwin Hutcherson was a young cowboy in Hall County when he posed for this wonderful photo. Edwin grew up to attend college in Wichita Falls and Texas Tech, playing football for both. He was a longtime farmer and served as a leader in just about everything from Fire Dept to Hospital board in Hall county...

Thomas Family in Memphis Texas 1920sThomas Family in Memphis Texas 1920s

Sometime in the late 1920s to early 1930s Robert Thomas, Sr. (on right with rifle) posed with his brother (on left) and younger members of the Thomas family in Memphis Texas

Primitive Baptist Preachers Gather in 1900Primitive Baptist Preachers Gather in 1900

At the first gathering of the formation of the Primitive Baptist Church in West Texas preachers from Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and elsewhere gathered at the Miles Turner Hutcherson ranch in Hall County in 1900.

10 Cowboys Cut Watermelon10 Cowboys Cut Watermelon

In 1910 ten cowboys were about to cut a watermelon when an unknown photographer convinced them to pose for this photo before cutting the melon. Brent Lemons' great uncle Frank J. Smith is in the top right of the photo.

J.B. Harper in front of home in Hall County 1890'sJ.B. Harper in front of home

Sometime in the 1890s J.B. Harper posed for this photo standing beside the hand-dug well at his home in Hall County

Hall County Chorus in 1899Hall County Chorus in 1899

There was a Hall County Chorus group in Hall County Texas in 1899. This photo shows 23 members of that group including Brent Lemons great uncle, George Harper who appears second from top right.

Jim Harper with his prize JackJim Harper with his prize Jack

Sometime in the 1890s, Jim Harper proudly posed with his prize Jack for this wonderful old photo of early life in Hall County Texas

Billie Hutcherson in Lincolnshire EnglandBillie Hutcherson in Lincolnshire England

In 1912 Billie Hutcherson was looking forward to joining his family in Hall County when he posed for this photo in Lincolnshire England shortly before boarding the Titanic

Jim and Reed Harper with their datesJim and Reed Harper with their dates

Sometime in the 1890s Jim and Reed Harper were courting two women when they paused their buggies and posed for this wonderful old photo of life in Hall County Texas

The Short Life of Demmie HutchersonDemmie Hutcherson

Full of life and a grass burr on the Plains of Hall County ended her short life. Demmie Hutcherson was pulling a grass burr from her finger with her teeth when she inhaled the burr and it became infected... see full size and read more

Fun in The Snow in Hall County in 1895Fun in The Snow in Hall County 1895

Turner, Richard and Ellen Hutcherson (my great Aunt) in Hall County 1895 having fun in the snow. Things changed soon afterwards when their mother died and Ellen stood up in her mother's place to help with the eleven children... Read more See full size

Cowboys Set Out on 700 Mile JourneyCowboys Set Out on 700 Mile Journey

In 1896 Carl Hutcherson (second from right) and the Crump brothers saddled up and set off on a 700 mile trip from Memphis Texas to Arizona to find work. Family records say they quickly returned. Photo courtesy Brent Lemons

Salisbury School in Hall County in 1905Salisbury School Hall County Texas in 1905

In 1905 twenty students at the Salisbury  School in Hall County Texas posed with their teacher for this great old photo of a classroom in 1905. Julia Hutcherson is the girl pictured on the back row far right. Photo courtesy Brent Lemons. Salisbury was the first settlement in Hall County. By 1898 the townsite was abandoned. The rural school survived and prospered... read more

Hulver School in Hall County in 1895Hulver School in Hall County in 1895

On January 03, 1895 twenty four students and their teachers posed for this great old photo of the Hulver School in Hall County Texas. This photo contributed by Brent Lemons shows his great grandmother Pearl Harper and three of her siblings. Pearl is the tallest girl on the back row and the smallest boy on the front row in the dress is Homer Harper

Jim Bob Wills and Cousin Picking Cotton in Mid-1920sJim Bob Wills and Cousin Picking Cotton in Mid-1920s

Very rare photo of famous musician Bob Wills picking cotton with his cousin in the mid 1920s

Memphis Texas Volleyball Team in 1925Memphis Texas Volleyball Team in 1925


First Train Arrives in Turkey Texas in 1928First Train Arrives in Turkey Texas in 1928

Hundreds of people gathered at the First National Bank to celebrate the first train into Turkey Texas in 1928

Drugstore in Turkey Texas in 1928Drugstore in Turkey Texas in 1928

Very clear photo of a drug store in Turkey Texas shows two soda jerks, a man with his two sons and two men raising their drinks in a toast in 1928. The image is so clear that even the man reflected in the bar back mirror is recognizable

Three Cowboys on Horseback in Hall County Texas 1895Cowboys on Horseback in Hall County Texas in 1895

Three well dressed cowboys on their horses in this photo from 1895 in Hall County Texas. One horse appears to have bolted at flash . . . take a look

Farmer and Son on Horse Drawn Planter c1930sFarmer and Son on Horse Drawn Planter 1930s

Sometime in the 1930s a father and son stopped their work in Hall County Texas to pose for this photo by famed photographer Dorothea Lange with their horse-drawn planter . . . see it full size

Downtown Memphis Texas in 1908Downtown Memphis Texas in 1908

Horse drawn carriages, wagons and shoppers filled the dirt street in this photo of downtown Memphis Texas the way it was in 1908 . . . Look closer

Refugee family near Memphis, Tx 1937

Refugee family of five on the Texas Panhandle near Memphis Texas carrying everything they own in a hand cart and baby buggy in 1937.


Famrmers on Bank Steps in Memphis TexasFarmers Sitting on Bank Steps in Memphis Texas in 1939


Sharecropper in Hall County Tx 1939Sharecropper in Hall County Tx 1939


Three Miles to Memphis Tx 1939Three Miles to Memphis Tx 1939

In 1937 a motel in Memphis Texas painted an ad on the roof of a tractor driver's house to let travelers know the motel was just 3 miles away and had reasonable rates.

Musicians Bob Wills and Buck Holligan mid-1920sBob Wills and Buck Holligan on Farm 1920s

Musicians Bob Wills and Buck Holligan at the John Wills farm near Turkey Texas in the mid-1920s. Photo from San Antonio Rose: The Life And Music Of Bob Wills ... see full size

Bob Wills and His Texas PlayboysBob Wills and His Texas Playboys

On August 11 1943 Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys posed in front of their bus as young girls leans forward to get into the picture . . . See it full size

Town square Memphis, Texas in 1937Town square Memphis, Texas in 1937


Tractor driver on farm near Memphis Texas 1937Tractor driver on farm near Memphis Texas 1937


Worried Woman in Hall County Tx 1939Worried Woman in Hall County Texas in 1939


Women Memphis, Tx 1937Women on Porch in Memphis Texas in 1937


Farm owner near Memphis Texas in 1937Farm owner near Memphis Texas in 1937


Girl Drawing Water from Well In Hall County Texas in 1939Girl Drawing Water from Well In Hall County Texas in 1939

Barefoot girl struggles to draw water from well in Hall County in 1939 in this large highly-detailed photo.


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Hall County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Hall County Unclaimed EstatesThese Deceased Residents of Hall County Left a total $50,692 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Memphis, Lakeview and Turkey Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office. . . see the list


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