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Stories and Stats from The Least Populated Most Remote Rural Counties in the US


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Greeley County, Kansas
Seat: Tribune


The population of Greeley County, Kansas increased by 43 in 2013 bringing the total to 1290 people living in 627 homes and apartments spread across 778 square miles. The new estimate moves Greeley County to number 48 in our list of least populated counties in the US.


People who live in Greeley County have an annual income of $28245 which is $1400 more than the statewide average for Kansas. The average per capita income nationwide is $28051. Greeley County ranks number 28 for highest income in sparsely populated counties.


Homes are cheap here with the median value of a home being $76600 compared to $181400 nationwide. 78.1% of housing units in Greeley County are occupied by their owners.


The US Census Bureau reports 4.6% of the county's residents are foreign immigrants who have settled in one of the most remote places in America.

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US Census Bureau

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