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Got Website?

Reuters just published an enlightening article about a study conducted by Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The headline tells the story:

More Time Spent on Web than Newspapers: Study

In a nutshell, the study revealed that 2007 is the first year consumers will spend more time surfing the Internet than reading the newspaper. It's a trend people have seen coming for years and a trend that will, no doubt, continue until the Internet in one form or another is the #1 information outlet in the world.

So, what's this mean for your campaign or organization? It's pretty obvious.

If you don't have a website, you better get one. If you have a website, you better invest a little more time in making sure it has up-to-date and quality content. More and more consumers and voters are using the Internet as their primary source of information. If they can't find you online or if you don't have a professional-looking website, you're losing votes....

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You can read the entire Reuters article at



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