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True Stories of Amazing People and Places in Texas

Life in Armstrong County Texas 1890 - 1950
Goodnight Baptist Academy Football Team 1906

Goodnight College opened in 1898 as an academy. By 1906 enrollment had reached 175, and literary societies were formed. A new three-story brick administration building was erected in 1906, and the faculty was enlarged to six. A summer school and a summer normal, the first in the Panhandle, were conducted. In 1914 the school became a junior college. The academy closed its doors in 1917. The buildings were used by Buckner Orphans Home (later Buckner Baptist Children's Home) until 1920, when the home moved back to Dallas.


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Famous People from Armstrong County Texas
Books about Armstrong County People and Places

 Books about Armstrong County Texas People and PlacesBooks about People and Places in Armstrong County Texas

Life in Armstrong County Texas 1890-1950Life in Claude Texas 1890 - 1950

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