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The Real Cost of Immigration

Immigrationís Impact On The Environment, On Health Care And On Low Wage Workers!

 (Washington, D.C.) --    The PBS program, To The Contrary has announced it will offer, free of charge, DVD copies of its three-part series on immigrationís impact on various aspects of US life: on the environment, on Americaís health care system and on low-wage workers. This fact-based coverage examines how the record influx of new residents is affecting natural resources, wages for low-income workers and an already-stressed health care system.  This educational product is distributed free of charge to those looking to learn more about the true impact of immigration, as it is rarely covered elsewhere by US media. 

            For example, coverage of immigrationís impact on the health care system included the fact that two-thirds of Floridaís hospitals are running deficits, largely due to health care they must offer for free to immigrant workers and their families. 

            To The Contrary's coverage of immigrationís impact of the environment explained that immigrants to the US, who mainly come from poor countries with small environmental footprints, become high-end consumers who leave large environmental footprints.  So itís not just the numbers of immigrants coming here---increasing environmental footprint exponentially.

            In the piece on low-income workers, To The Contrary explained that since 80% of immigrants to the United States do not have high school degrees, they are driving up competition for low-wage jobs and driving down wages for low-income Americans. 

             To The Contraryís special coverage aired nationally on PBS.  Please submit your requests via e-mail to:  tothecontrary@hotmail.comPlease be sure to include the name of your organization, how many copies you would like to receive, and a brief explanation of who will see video.  We are happy to consider requests for multiple copies of the video for re-distribution to educational groups, students, conferences or interested individuals. 


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