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Forensic Software Developer Offers Free Program to Police

A West Virginia software developer that specializes in instant message monitoring and control software for home users, businesses, and police agencies is providing special versions of their products to law enforcement agencies for free.

One of the software products SPEAR Forensics, a division of Zemerick Software, Inc. is offering free to law enforcement agencies is Chat Watch SPEAR. The program is designed to aid detectives who patrol chat rooms looking for online predators. According to the company, this is the only software available that aids investigators of crimes involving instant messaging by logging instant message conversations.

By providing a central location to organize the investigative details, actively log instant messages, create investigation reports and manage online identities, Chat Watch SPEAR Edition will be especially helpful to members of Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces.

The regular version of Chat Watch is parental control software that allows parents to monitor and record their children's instant messages. The company also produces the SaferSpace software that lets parents block access to MySpace and other social-networking websites on their computers.

Another free product is Forensic P2P. Forensic P2P lets officers search popular peer-to-peer networks for illegal files. Forensic P2P can be integrated with a database of known illegal files to quickly highlight known illegal files in search results.

Forensic Web Screenshot is a utility that lets officers save a screenshot of an entire webpage from top to bottom. With Forensic Web Screenshot, officers can easily save an entire MySpace or Facebook profile to a file as evidence in an investigation.

SPEAR Forensics also provides resources for agencies that provide internet safety seminars for parents. Officers can download the Chat Watch software that allows parents to monitor their children’s instant messaging, and the SaferSpace software that lets parents block access to MySpace and other social-networking websites on their computers.

Members of law enforcement agencies can register to download the free software at



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