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Beware: Five Website Mistakes to Avoid

Excerpted from

Bringing Political Dollars Online

by Dave Morgan, Thursday, Aug 24, 2006 4:00 PM ET

Focus on the Internet for tools, not media.

Political campaigns are learning to love the Internet, but not for its advertising placement opportunities. Rather, they love targeted e-mail, Web sites, self-service online fundraising tools and cool viral marketing. They love the fact that the Internet has become an incredibly efficient method to find and communicate with volunteers and an extraordinary tool for cost-effective fund-raising.

Historically, no major campaign has spent even one-half of one percent of its budget on online advertising. Of course, political consultants have also learned that every mistake their candidate makes in a public appearance is fodder for YouTube.

For more, read Bringing Political Dollars Online

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About Dave Morgan

Dave Morgan founded TACODA, Inc. in April 2001 to develop innovative technologies for target marketing.

Prior to the creation of TACODA, Mr. Morgan founded and was the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Real Media, Inc., a company that he led from 1995 to 2001. Under his leadership, Real Media grew to become a $54 million global marketing technology and service company with more than 500 employees in 19 countries.

A lawyer by training, Mr. Morgan served as General Counsel and Director of New Media Ventures for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association and helped launch more than a dozen new media businesses. Actively involved in industry trade groups, Mr. Morgan currently serves as Chairman of the Associates Board of the Interactive Advertising Board (IAB).


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