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True Stories of Amazing People and Places in Texas

Floyd County, Texas Veterans Killed in Action
Floyd County's Fallen Heroes
Alexander, Melvin
Alexander, Oliver
Asher, James L.
Boothe, Don C.
Buchanan, Oyama
Burns, Ken D.
Catlin, David L.
Cook, Cecil I
Dougherty, Samuel A.
Duncan, John S
Emert, Tommie D.
Finley, Milton O.
Fuqua, Van K.
Goen, S Norman
Graham, Weldon M.
Green, Jimmy W.
Green, William W.
Greenwade, Billy R.

 Hage, Ralph

Hamm, Raymond W.
Hanks, Fred F.
Harper, S. Bud
Harrison, J. W.
Hartley, Charles D.
Hartline, Clifford
Hartman, Timothy J.
Hatley, Billy D
Heard, Clarence L
Helms, William A.
Hunter, Wesley
Ivey, Denny C
Jaffe, Bernard
James, Marvin W.
Jameson, William L.
Jetter, Donald
Jetton, Ray
Livesay, Jack
Loyd, Wallace B
Matthews, Wilbert P.
Mayo, Watkins
McCravey, J. W.
McDermett, Calep
Mcghee, George, W.
Miller, Robert T. III
Mitchell, Clinton
Mooney, Billy G.
Morrison, Herbert H.
Nance, Ronnie D.
Osborn, Jack
Payne, D.F.
Peralez, Johnny
Pyle, Arvel C.
Ramsey, Ray E.
Randolph, Raymond R.
Reasonover, Glendon M.
Reecer, John B. Jr.
Roberts, Herman M.
Rogers, James F., Jr.
Roy, James E.
Shearer, Edfred G.
Silverman, David L.
Singletary, Edrow F.
Smalley, Geroge T.
Strickland, Austin G.
Strickland, Harold D.
Stubbs, Kenneth G.
Taylor, Phillip C., Jr.
True, Raymond
Tubbs, Richard
Williams, Royce G.
Williams, Walker I
Worsham, Ernest S
Zimmerman, Milton D
Floyd County Veterans Honored in Monument
Civil War

Spanish American War

World War One

World War Two

Korean War

Vietnam War

Gulf War

Afghanistan War

Other Military Operations

Served in Peacetime

Added in 2016

Killed in Action


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