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Life in Floyd County Tx 1850 to 1950


Floyd County, Texas 1905 to 1964 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks, family albums and newspapers in Alcino (ghost town), Barwise, Cedar Hill, Dougherty, Edgin (ghost town), Fairmont, Floydada, Gray Mule (ghost town), Lockney and South Plains



1945 Lockney High School Seniors

Very clear composite of Lockney High School Senior Class with readable names

Lockney School Children in 1912Lockney School Children in 1912

From the youngest to the oldest, these were the children attending school in Lockney Texas in 1912 with their teacher. Ruby Jewell Harper is identified in the top row sixth from

Floyd County Courthouse in 1915Floyd County Courthouse in 1915

This beautiful building was the Floyd County Courthouse in Floydada Texas as appeared in 1915.

Black Diamond Baseball Team Lockney Texas 1909Black Diamond Baseball Team Lockney Texas 1909

In 1909 Lockney Texas had a baseball team called the Black Diamond. Here's a rare photo from a postcard showing nine players.

Wolf Hunt on Smith Bros RanchWolf Hunt on Smith Bros Ranch

The Smith Brothers ranch covered 46,000 acres of Texas Panhandle. This photo of a wolf hunter with his wagon and tent was taken between Ralls and Floydada and used as a postcard to promote hunting on the ranch in 1921.

1923 Floydada High School Graduating Class1923 Floydada High School Graduating Class

The Floydada High School graduating class consisted of 19 young women and five young men. Also in photo teachers and school officials

Floyd County Fair Lockney Exhibit in 1914Floyd County Fair Lockney Exhibit in 1914

In 1914 Lockney Texas entered their exhibit in the Floyd County Fair to show off a wide varity of agricultural products produced locally.

Joe Botelier plowing fields Floydada in 1905Joe Botelier plowing fields Floydada in 1905

In 1905 Joe Botelier was plowing a field with his two-horse team near Floydada Texas when someone captured this huge highly-detailed photo

Whitaker Family Farm in 1948Whitaker Family Farm in 1948

In 1948 T.D.H. (Kalb) Whitaker his wife Katie Sands Whitaker, Maggie Whitaker, and Maggie's son Eli Whitaker's wife Faye Jolly Whitaker posed for this great old photo at the Whitaker Farm near Lockney, Texas

Reed and Mae Dean Harper 1916Reed and Mae Dean Harper 1916

In 1916 a reluctant Reed Harper posed with his sister, Mae Dean Harper, for  this remarkable portrait in Floyd County Texas

Early Settlers of Cedar Hill in Floyd County TexasEarly Settlers of Cedar Hill

In 1922 some of the early settlers of Cedar Hill in Floyd County Texas sat on the grass behind the Cedar Hill Baptist church for this photo. Their names are included below the photo.

Cedar Hill Texas Pioneers in 1922Cedar Hill Pioneers in 1922

Sometime around 1922 fourteen early pioneers of the Cedar Hill community in Floyd County Texas were gathered at the Baptist church when this huge photo was captured

Virgil Lemons and Germany Ferguson in Cedar Hill in 1921Virgil Lemons and Germany Ferguson in Cedar Hill in 1921

In 1921 Virgil Lemons and Germany Ferguson posed in front of the Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Floyd County Texas

Lockney Longhorns in 1935Lockney Longhorns in 1935

In 1935 the Lockney Longhorn football team posed for their team photo in Lockney Texas. The players names and even nicknames are attached to this rare find

City Hotel in Floydada in the 1910sCity Hotel Floydada in the 1910s

Sometime in the 1910s a group of Floyd County pioneers posed with their cars in front of the City Hotel and Pitts & Gamble Real Estate office in Floydada

Floydada High School 1922 Football TeamFloydada High School 1922 Football Team

The Floydada Whirlwind football team in Floydada Texas in 1922 with some of the players names noted

Methodist Church in Lockney in 1913Methodist Church in Lockney in 1913

Quiet day in Lockney Texas at the Methodist Church in 1913

Barnstorming Floyd County TexasBarnstorming Floyd County

In 1916 a barnstormer landed on the Harper farm near the Lone Star community in Floyd County. In this photo, Ruby Jewell Harper, (standing tallest) with her Lockney friends for their first plane experience . . . read more and see full size

First Dial Phone in Lockney

On July 13, 1951 Lockney Texas got their first access to dial phone service. "These New fangled machines, like Lockney's new dial telephone system, doesn't bother Mrs. J. B. Harper or Mother Harper, as she is known. Just turned 95 years of age, ..."

Baptism in Floyd County in 1921Baptism in Floyd County in 1921

In 1921 Virgil Lemons, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Lockney officiated at  Baptism of  Germany Ferguson somewhere in Floyd County. Germany stood 6'9 and Pastor Lemons was 5'5 so this is no optical illusion. Many thanks to Brent Lemons for providing this photo of his grandfather performing a baptism.

Bound for Texas in 1878Bound for Texas in 1878

In 1878 the Hutcherson family were on their way to Texas when this wonderful photograph of Julia Ann Oliver Hutcherson holding Samuel Carl Hutcherson. They settled first in Wilbarger County where Julia started the Post office with her name (Julia) as the town. By 1881 the family had the bank, store and post office in Julia, Texas. Next they moved to Floyd County, then Scurry and Borden county near Fluvanna. They then traded two acres for every 'one' in Castro county where they still ranch and farm to this day.

J D Woody and CalfJ D Woody and Calf

In this wonderful old photo from 1945, eleven month old J D Woody pets a calf on his grandparents farm in Dougherty Texas 20 miles west of Matador 17 miles east of Floydada. Debbie Brauneck provided this photo of her father from her mother's collection

Lockney Street Scene in 1909Lockney Street Scene in 1909

In 1909 a large crowd of people gathered in Lockney Texas in front of the J.A. Baker Building. They came on horseback, in buggies and on foot to witness something that looks like a mechanical horse ...

Leaving Lockney for PlainviewLeaving Lockney for Plainview

On May 20, 1922 five well-dressed women posed from the back of their passenger car at the depot in Lockney Texas on their way to Plainview in this huge highly-detailed photo . . . see it full size

Picking Cotton in Floyd County TexasPicking Cotton in Floyd County Texas

Sometime in the 1930s a family in Floyd County Texas posed for this great old photo of the Newberry family picking cotton. Dale Newberry provided this photo and was able to identify his Grandfather Harvey, his dad Orval, and uncles Skeet... continued

T. H. Chatham in 1954 AdT.  H. Chatham in 1954 Ad

In 1954 T.H. Chatham, well known Floyd County Farmer from Lockney appeared in a national ad

Milo Harvest Near Lockney in 1954Milo Harvest Near Lockney in 1954

Combine unloading milo grain in to a GMC on a farm near Lockney Texas in 1954. The photo was part of an ad for a two-speed truck axle.

House Near Lockney in 1916House Near Lockney in 1916

In 1916 a woman posed for this photo of her home outside Lockney Texas. There appears to be someone else peering out of the second floor window . . . take a closer look

South Side of Square in Floydada in 1920sSouth Side of Square in Floydada in 1920s

Stores, Model T's, a July Clean-Up  Sale and a strange vehicle driving down the street in Floydada in the 1920s . . . see the detail

West Side of Main Street Lockney Texas in 1920sWest Side of Main Street Lockney Texas in 1920s

Model T cars and trucks line the dirt street on the west side of main street in front of Morgan & Co. Farm Machinery, Mercantile, Groceries and Dry Goods, in Lockney Texas in early 1920s . . . tap thumbnail to view full size

East Side of Main Street in Lockney in 1920sEast Side of Main Street in Lockney in 1920s

Looking north on main street in Lockney in 1920s you would see farm-made trucks and model T's in front of CS Morris & Company Groceries, Elayres Dry Goods and Riley Brewster & Reed on the right side of the dirt street . . . take a look

Mama's Wondering Boys are Canada Bound in 1927Mama's Wondering Boys are Canada Bound in 1927

In 1927 Zant Scott and a friend set off in their Model T on an 1400 mile adventure to follow the wheat harvest from Floydada Texas to Canada. Hand written on the back of the car someone had written, Canada Bound and Mamma's Wandering Boys. To leave no doubt as to where . . . read more see full size

West Side of Square in Floydada in 1926West Side of Square in Floydada in 1926

Very busy day in downtown Floydada in 1926. Cars take up all the parking spaces in front of Clark-Wood Dry Goods, Stephens Store, Woody Drug and Stansell & Collins Groceries and Hardware and crowds gather to get into the movie theatre . . . view this photo full size

Carr's Chapel in 1914 Floyd County TexasCarr's Chapel in 1914

In 1914 a large group of worshipers showed up at Carr's Chapel a small country church in the Allmon community in Floyd County Texas located on FM378 10 miles northeast of Petersburg, 14 miles southwest of Floydada . . . See it full size

Boys Make 400 Mile Trip on HorsebackBoys aged 5 and 7 Make 400 Mile Journey on Horseback

The Lockney Beacon published this report in September 1909 about two boys age 5 and 7 who undertook an incredible journey from Guthrie Oklahoma to Santa Fe New Mexico on horseback with a stop in Silverton Texas. Here's the story as told by Judge Kinder.

Cowboys in Blanco Canyon, Floyd County Texas in 1904Cowboys Gather in Blanco Canyon, Floyd County Texas in 1904

Cowboys, their horses, corrals, barns, and bunkhouse can be seen in this amazing photo taken in the Blanco Canyon south of Floydada in 1904.

. . . look closer

1907 BuickA Trip from Tahoka to Floydada in a Buick Named Cassie

In 1907 the Lynn County News documented a family's journey from Tahoka to Floydada via Lubbock, Plainview and Lockney in a Buick named Cassie. It's a fascinating story of the people they traveled with and the people From Tahoka, Lubbock, Plainview, Lockney and Floydada . . . see the article

Lockney Christian College, Lockney Texas 1894 - 1918Lockney Christian College, Lockney Texas 1894 - 1918

Lockney Christian College was established by Charles Walker Smith and St. Clair W. Smith, two evangelists of the Church of Christ. The first school year began on October 2, 1894, in a frame building, with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burleson as the first teachers. The school opened with sixteen students and had fifty students by the end of the year . . .

Lockney Christian College Under Construction in 1908Lockney Christian College Under Construction in 1908

In 1908 these nine construction workers posed for a photo of the Lockney Christian College they were building. The photo shows the wood frame building the stone structure will replace. Once the building was completed, the college was renamed the Lockney College and Bible School . . . see full size

Lockney College and Bible School in 1909Lockney College and Bible School 1909

In 1909 the Lockney College and Bible School Posted this in the Lockney Beacon showing names and photos of the teachers and board of directors as well as photos of the college, and eight girls who were boarded there . . .  See the full image

Main Street in Lockney Texas in 1909Main Street in Lockney Texas in 1909
Man walks his horse down an empty main street in Lockney Texas in 1909 in this rare old photo . . . look closer
Lockney Texas High School Football Team in 1939Lockney High School Football Team in 1939

18 members of the Lockney High School Football team posed for this group photo with their coach in 1939 . . . see full size

Building the Clarity Tunnel in Floyd County in 1927Building Clarity Tunnel in Floyd County in 1927

The Quitaque Railway Tunnel or Clarity Tunnel is a 582 feet railway tunnel in Floyd County, Texas about 10 miles southwest of Quitaque. Construction started in 1927, and the tunnel was completed and opened for use in 1930. The tunnel cuts . . . see this rare photo and read more

Clarity Tunnel at Exit Near Quitaque in 1928Clarity Tunnel at Exit Near Quitaque

On December 17, 1928, residents of Quitaque and Turkey Texas turned out for this crystal clear photo of the the first locomotive to come through their end of the Clarity Tunnel

Two Families Camp Out in  Floyd County Texas in 1920sTwo Families Camp Out in Floyd County Texas in 1920s

Somewhere on the prairie in Floyd County Texas two families camped in the 1920s. It's unclear if this was recreational or a layover to repair one of the cars in this photo captured by Wilson Studios Floydada Texas . . . see full size

Railroad Grading Team in Floyd and Hale Counties 1909Grading for Railroad to Plainview, Lockney and Floydada Completed

Grading for the railroad extension to connect Plainview, Lockney and Floydada was completed by mule and ox teams on November 4, 1909 in Lockney . . . see large photo and read more

Railroad workers in northern Floyd county 1927Railroad Workers Pause for Photo While Building Railroad in Northern Floyd County Texas in 1927

Meet the men who connected Floyd County with the rest of the world in 1927

Floydada Texas about 1908Floydada Texas about 1908

Horses and wagons on dirt streets in Floydada Texas in 1908. By 1910 the population of Floydada would reach 664.

North Side of Square in Floydada Texas in Early 1900sNorth Side of Square in Floydada in Early 1900s

North side of square in Floydada Texas including images of period cars and people of the hardware store and  (Believe it or Not) a cafe that also sold gas and oil . . . See for yourself

South Side of Square Floydada Tx 1909

Photo features Boerner & Nelson's Cash Grocery, Snodgrass Dry Goods and farmers bringing wagon loads of grain to town . . . see full size

West side of square in Floyd City Texas (Floydada) 1890sWest Side of Square Floydada

West side of square in Floyd City Texas (Floydada) showing pedestrians in front of the Hardware store, Floyd City Dry Goods, drug store and more. I'm dating this photo as 1890's because . . . read more and see the full size photo

Floydada Texas Street Scene in 1921

Incredible photo of southwest corner of square in Floydada in 1921 showing Leach's, Brown Brothers, Mitchell Bros Furniture and Implements, First National Bank, Houston's Dry Goods, Stephen Store and Woody Drug Co.

Floydada Texas School 1907Floydada Texas School 1907

Four boys stand on the porch of Floydada schoolhouse and talk with younger boy on donkey in this postcard dated 1907

Main Street Floydada Texas in 1950Main Street Floydada Texas in 1950

Rainy day on Main Street in Floydada in 1950's

Tastee-Freeze in Floydada in early 1950'sTastee-Freeze in Floydada in early 1950's

The Tastee-Freeze was a popular place to eat in Floydada Texas in the 50s and 60s.

Mobile Store In Floydada Texas in 1907

Boerner-Nelson's Mobile Store ready to deliver leather goods and groceries to surrounding communities, farms and ranches in 1907.

Marisue and Teen Burleson 1945Marisue Burleson and her brother Stanley (Teen) Burleson in 1945

Marysue Burleson and her brother Stanley "Teen" Burleson grew up on a large ranch near Matador and Floydada. The ranch is still owned and operated by the Burleson family.

GROUP OF MEN AT PICNIC TABLE. LOCKNEY TEXAS 1905Men at Picnic Table Lockney Tx 1905


HT Coleman Shovels Wheat Floydada TX 1947H. T. Coleman Shovels Wheat Floydada TX 1947


C. W. Thagard's Oat Farm Early 1900's

Photo from early 1900's picture postcard depicts C.W. Thagard's Oat Farm near Floydada Texas.

Railroad Depot Floydada Texas 1920 - 1930's
Horse Drawn Cotton Harvestor Lockney Texas 1930'sHorse Drawn Cotton Harvester Lockney Texas 1930's
Presbyterian College Floydada Tx Under ConstructionPresbyterian College Under Construction in Floydada Tx - Early 1900's
Antelope School, Class of 1936 -1937 Floyd County TexasAntelope School, Class of 1936 -1937 Floyd County Texas

Mrs. Stewart, Kenneth Ring, Sam Bradford, Buster Rucker, G.W. Rezineck, Bettye Sue Roe, Syble Roe, Bradley Boyd, Eual Bradford, J.W. Jackson, Ethel Lee Reznieck, Kenneth Poole, Sudduth Moore, Elrea Autry, (unnamed) Rucker, F.J. Reznieck and Felix (children's cat)

Gene & Elna Bloys 1947A True Texas Love Story

What Happens when a Rowdy City Boy from Plainview Meets a Pretty Farm Girl from Lockney Texas?

Tap the photo to find out


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