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Tarrant County Unclaimed Estates

Euless Texas Unclaimed Estates

Euless Texas Probate

These Deceased Residents of Euless Left a total $108,913 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please share this with your Family and Friends from Euless to Let them know they can collect from the Texas Comptroller's Office.

NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. It is not an offer for housing or credit. The word estate as used here, refers to assets left by deceased people to their heirs and is not a reference to real estate. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

Know the Heirs? Let them know   
Estate of Dove I Clark $37,284
Paula J Juengerman Estate $10,234
Alois A Frymark Estate $9,605
Estate of Dale G Greve $9,477
Estate of Mildred T Sullens $2,267
Estate of Ellen Hill $2,214
Estate of James Fenoglio $2,049
Estate of Dwayne E Gragg $2,000
Estate of J Stiles $1,976
Cullen Estate Robert $1,861
Estate of Zita Visoc $1,815
Leo Perry Estate $1,741
Mary Gibbs Estate $1,516
Estate of Dorothy H Sirran $1,509
Estate of Dorothy H Sirran $1,451
Trina Stidham Estate $1,199
Trina Stidham Estate $1,141
Gayenell Hewitt Estate $1,133
Robert Tate Estate $1,111
Estate of Larry Barnett $1,067
Estate of Paul Beasley $1,000
Estate of John Kelley $924
Estate of Janis A Newman $823
Margaret Britton Estate $814
Estate of Floy L Burns $772
Mercurio Cullari Estate $694
Patricia J Waddell Estate $637
Estate of Jacqueline Wood $627
Leo Perry Estate $583
Leo Perry Estate $580
Estate of Catarina M Ramon $547
Estate of Dorothy H Sirran $541
Estate of Marvin Jef $505
Estate of Dorothy H Sirran $496
Mary Sanders Estate $437
John W Willis Estate $434
Betty J Richards Estate $400
Thelma Shrell Estate $400
The Estate of Walter $350
Paula Juengerman Estate $326
Estate of Flora Parker $287
Estate of Suckla $252
Bobby Friedel Estate $246
Burton Rathert Estate $240
Estate of Doyle Pahkamaa $221
Estate of Michael W Grisham $184
Estate of Francis Pannell $171
Uys Estate of Gideon R $156
To The Estate of Darryl K Junior $151
Estate of Tamara K Stephens $139
Estate of Jordan Hazel $133
Estate of Betty Jo Sees $114
Estate of Kathleen Davis $108
Estate of J Lawson $102
Estate of Sylvania Villanneva $95
Estate of Lonnie L Kennedy $95
Estate of Carolyn White $81
Edward T Chagoy Estate $77
Patricia J Waddell Estate $77
Estate of Idalia Laporte Gaston $77
Edward Estate of Morin $76
James Cecil Pinson Estate $75
Estate of Noble Pittman $72
Estate of Oliver J Saxton $72
Estate of Jw Mosier $66
Suzanne The Estate of Renee $60
Estate of Waldrep, Charlene $59
Leo Waddell Estate Of $58
Estate of William E Pasteur $55
Estate of Aston Idalia Laporte $55
Estate of Troy Manuel $55
Estate of Mark Smith $53
Estate of Simonini, Thomas $50
Estate of Maria L Huante $42
Estate of James D Thomas $41
Estate of Johnny Easley $41
Estate of Barbara F Hanselka $38
Estate of Magnolia Jenkins $36
Estate of Richard Wolff $34
Estate of Chandler,  Rita $33
Patricia J Waddell Estate $33
Estate of Aston Idalia Laporte $31
Estate of Marilyn M Herrington $31
Estate of Gerald Morris $30
Estate of Diane C Kniest $30
Estate of Elia A Kopp $30
Estate of N Clark $29
Estate of Gerald J Larose $29
Estate of Marcie Cooley $26
Estate of Saeko Schoener $25

This is a partial list showing only Euless unclaimed estates. To dig deeper - See Tarrant County Unclaimed Estates or Browse unclaimed estates by county


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