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Life in Ector County Tx 1850 to 1950

Life in Ector County Texas 1850 - 1950

Life as our parents, grandparents and ancestors from Gardendale, Goldsmith, Notrees, Odessa and Penwell saw it

Penwell Texas in 1929Penwell Texas in 1929

Shortly after oil was found, Penwell Texas sprang into existence in October 7, 1929. The first residents lived in tents or hastily constructed shacks, but eventually better housing was built, At its heyday it boasted filling stations, stores, hotels, a drugstore, barbershop, dance hall, and the typical boom town rooming houses.

Pioneer Couple in Odessa Texas in 1910Pioneer Couple in Odessa in 1910

Portrait of an unnamed pioneer couple in Odessa Texas in 1910

Little Girl with Goat CartLittle Girl with Goat Cart

Cute little girl poses with her goat cart in Odessa Texas in 1910

Cotton Pickers from Odessa Texas in 1910Cotton Pickers from Odessa in 1910

The Spring, Temple, and Blum family was picking cotton near Odessa in 1910 when this great old photo was captured with farmer's horse-drawn wagon in the background.

Gulf Oil Day Picnic in 1951Gulf Oil Day Picnic in 1951

Large crowd gathered in Odessa Texas in July 1951 for the annual Gulf Oil Day Picnic

Odessa - Big Spring Freemason in 1951Odessa - Big Spring Freemasons in 1951

In 1951 seventeen members of the Odessa - Big Spring Freemasons posed for a photo in Odessa

Arial View of Odessa Texas in 1930sAerial View of Odessa Texas in 1930s

Arial View of Odessa shows car narrowly missing a collision with a train.

Frank Green's Restaurant and Drive In 1952Frank Green's Restaurant and Drive In 1952

Carhops serve the Sheriff's Posse Auxiliary, a social and civic group in Odessa of which Mr. Green was the captain. His restaurant was a popular place for both locals and tourists. Photo is from an old ad promoting Heinz condiments

Ector County Courthouse in 1904Ector County Courthouse in 1904

Quite a crowd at the Ector County Courthouse in 1904. This was the second courthouse in Ector County and replaced the wood frame building that was built in 1891.

Odessa Texas in 1911Odessa Texas in 1911

On a windy day in 1911 an unknown photographer stood on top of a building in Odessa Texas and captured this remarkable photo . . . see it full size

Main Street in Odessa in 1930Main Street in Odessa in 1930

Take a turn back to the past on Odessa's downtown dirt street in this photo from the 1930s . . . tap the thumbnail to view full size

Farmers on street corner. Odessa, Texas in 1937

In 1937 two farmers squatted against a brick wall in Odessa Texas to talk when an unknown photographer captured this highly detailed photo.

. . . See it full size

Migrant oil worker and family Ector County TX 1937Migrant oil worker and family Ector County TX 1937

Migrant oil worker and family pause beside road in front of their old car with everything they own . . . Zoom In

Odessa Texas Street Scene in 1940sOdessa Texas Street Scene in 1940s

Late 1930's and early 1940s cars and trucks line the street on this busy day in downtown Odessa in the 1940s . . . see full size

Migrant Oil Worker and Wife on the Road to Odessa

Migrant worker and his wife look for a better future in Odessa in 1937. The look on their faces tells a story of desperation and hope.

Elliot  Hotel Odessa Texas 1940Elliot Hotel Odessa Texas 1940

Crystal Clear Photo of the Elliott Hotel in Odessa in 1940s. George D. Elliott built the Elliott Hotel in 1927 for $200,000 and it was dubbed the finest hotel between Big Spring and El Paso at the time.

Hudson Car Dealership Odessa Texas 1950's

Mid-Continent Supply Co. Odessa Texas in 1942Mid-Continent Supply Co. Odessa Texas in 1942

Tank in Parade in Odessa Texas in 1956Parade in Odessa Texas in 1956

In 1956 people lined the streets to watch an army tank roll down the street in a parade in Odessa Texas. Tap photo to see this detailed image


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Rare Artifacts, Books, Memorabilia, Ancestry and History Records from Odessa, Goldsmith, Gardendale and West Odessa. See Ector County Treasures (eBay Ads)


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