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Eastland County Unclaimed Estates

Eastland County Unclaimed Estates

Unclaimed estates in Carbon, Cisco, Desdemona, Eastland, Gorman, Ranger and Rising Star Texas have $30,772 due heirs and beneficiaries.

NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. It is not an offer for housing or credit. The word estate as used here, refers to assets left by deceased people to their heirs and is not a reference to real estate. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Estate of Jamie M Price $3,694 Eastland
Estate of Jake L Swafford $2,966 Rising Star
Brandon Tempest L Estate $2,354 Cisco
Lillie Langford Estate $1,629 Ranger
Jean O Fore Estate $1,253 Rising Star
Wooten Estate of James $1,019 Gorman
Estate of Cora Lee Bennett $1,002 Gorman
Roy V Cartee Estate $1,000 Eastland
Estate of Bettie C Allen $1,000 Ranger
Estate of Glenn Scitern $949 Gorman
Powell Estate $825 Ranger
Estate of Russell R Lancaster $793 Cisco
Estate of Mary King $650 Eastland
Estate of Richard L Kuykendall $609 Eastland
Estate of Floyd E Caraway $580 Ranger
Estate of Beula Charlton $536 Eastland
Estate of Clara Berry  $525 Ranger
Estate of Carolyn Seay $518 Eastland
Estate of Doyle W Burns $512 Eastland
Estate of Beula Charlton  $500 Eastland
Estate of George Herrera $483 Eastland
Estate of Farene Bacon $462 Cisco
Vesthia Greer Estate $425 Carbon
Estate of Clay Morris $422 Eastland
Saul Pullman Estate $353 Eastland
Lillian Estate Milling $336 Cisco
Estate of Paula Johnson $302 Eastland
Estate of Lola F Hart $268 Eastland
Estate of Pauline Hicks $250 Ranger
Estate of Clay A Morris $238 Eastland
Estate of Clay A Morris $238 Eastland
Betty Fee Estate Drumwright $218 Cisco
Estate of Monte R Tucker $215 Eastland
Gladys Vinson Estate $212 Ranger
Ben Kent Estate $197 Eastland
Charlotte Moran Estate $185 Cisco
C G Estate Forrest $175 Gorman
Estate of Clovis R Moore $173 Eastland
Sara Tucker Estate $162 Cisco
Maud I Bailey Estate $140 Cisco
Myrtle Tyler Estate $134 Rising Star
Estate of Lois C Terrell $127 Eastland
Estate of Gerald Warnock  $124 Ranger
H L Estate King $110 Eastland
Myrtle Tyler Estate $104 Rising Star
Dr Shults Estate $101 Rising Star
Estate of Gerhard Fastnacht $100 Eastland
Estate of Alfonso R Gaeta $100 Eastland
Dr Shults Estate $96 Rising Star
Dr Shults Estate $95 Rising Star
Estate of H X Wallace $90 Ranger
Myrtle Tyler Estate $84 Rising Star
Estate of Minna V Jones $80 Eastland
Estate of Clay A Morris $74 Eastland
Ray Adkins Estate $70 Ranger
Estate of Robinson,Jack C $64 Eastland
Dr Shults Estate $63 Rising Star
Estate of Margaret Oelschlaege $59 Desdemona
F Cleo Savage Estate $55 Cisco
Estate of Twila M Evans $54 Ranger
Dr Shults Estate $53 Rising Star
Dr Shults Estate $49 Rising Star
Estate of Jackye L Kinnard $48 Eastland
Estate of Christenia Koonce $47 Desdemona
Cora Walker Estate $40 Ranger
Jack Callaway Estate $39 Carbon
Estate of R Britt $36 Eastland
Ella Conner Estate $35 Eastland
Estate of Clifford Goforth $35 Ranger
Estate of Wilbur Simmons $34 Gorman
Justice Estate of Kathy L $32 Eastland
G M Estate Scott $31 Gorman
Myrtle Tyler Estate $31 Rising Star
Jack Callaway Estate $31 Carbon
George Estate Brasher $27 Eastland
Estate of Daniel Fraley $27 Gorman
Estate of Gladys Taylor $25 Cisco

This is a partial list showing only Eastland County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  Browse unclaimed estates by county or See more sorted by city

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


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