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Life in Eastland County Tx 1800 to 1950


Eastland County, Texas from 1800's to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. Click on photos to view larger.


Click on the photos below to see full size images
T&P Railroad Depot in Ranger in 1904T&P Railroad Depot in Ranger in 1904

Horses, wagons, workers and well dressed gents crowd around the Texas and  Pacific Railroad Depot in Ranger Texas in 1904

Eastland Texas Train Station in 1917Eastland Texas Train Station in 1917

Very busy day at the Eastland train station in 1917 as passengers scramble for position.

5 Cent Ride across Ranger Texas Mud Street in 1800's5 Cent Ride across Ranger Texas Mud Street

Sometime in the 1800s an innovative man with a team and a sled began charging pedestrians a nickel to ferry them across the muddy streets of Ranger Texas . . . take a closer look

Cisco Texas Railroad Depot 1920sCisco Texas Railroad Depot 1920s

Period cars parked outside the Cisco Texas Railroad Station in 1920's . . . see full size

Desdemona Oil Derricks 1918Desdemona Oil Derricks 1918

In 1918 Oil Derricks sprang up almost overnight in Desdemona Texas . . . see panoramic photo

Desdemona Texas Downtown Street Scene 1920ísDesdemona Texas Downtown Street Scene 1920ís

Pedestrians walk on wooden sidewalk in front of Post Office, First National Bank and the drug store while earl cars and horses and wagons pass on the dirt street . . . see the amazing detail

Downtown Cisco Texas 1950sDowntown Cisco Texas 1950s

1940s and 1950s cars along the street in front of drug store, Sears and local cafe in this large photo of downtown Cisco in the 1950s . . . view larger

Downtown Ranger Tx Early 1900'sDowntown Ranger Tx Early 1900's

Rare old photo shows Main Street in Ranger Texas in the early 1900s

Eastland Texas Main St. Corner Drug Store 1940sEastland Texas Main St. Corner Drug Store 1940s

1940s Eastland Texas Street Scene shows Corner Drug Store, Eastland Hotel and period cars . . . view this nice old photo

Main Street Ranger Texas 1920sMain Street Ranger Texas 1920s

Bird's Eye View of Ranger Texas in 1920 shows Firestone Store and Commercial Store . . . zoom in

Ranger Texas Railroad Depot Station Train Wreck 1800ísRanger Texas Railroad Depot Station Train Wreck 1800ís

Teams of horses attempt to pull overturned train engine out of mud as some railroad workers look on from their perch on top of box car in aftermath of Ranger Texas Train Wreck in early 1800s . . . see full size panoramic view

Ranger Texas Street Scene 1920Ranger Texas Street Scene 1920

Early Cars park in front of National Supply Company forcing pedestrians to walk the dirt street in Ranger Texas in the 1920s . . . zoom in

Ranger Texas Railroad Depot in 1920sRanger Texas Railroad Depot in 1920s

Big crowd gathers waits for next train to come in to the Ranger Texas Depot in 1920 . . . zoom in


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