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Scammers, stalkers, terrorists and murderers have been feeding on information served to them by local, state, and federal Web sites for more than twenty years.

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Tenth Judicial District Prosecutor Thomas Deen has charged Drew County Circuit Clerk Pat Savage Montgomery with theft of property, falsification of business records and abuse of office following a report by the Arkansas Legislative Joint Auditing Committee.

A letter from the committee dated October 5 2012 said that their audit indicated "Circuit Clerk Fee Account cash receipts exceeded cash bank deposits by $18,253 for the period January 1, 2008, through September 14, 2012. Unreceipted checks were substituted for cash receipts in bank account deposits.

The letter said Circuit Clerk Pat Savage-Montgomery indicated she misappropriated the funds during an interview with Division of Legislative Audit staff on August 22, 2012."

Theft of property for this amount is a felony in Arkansas. Savage-Montgomery will also face misdemeanor charges for falsification of business records and abuse of office.

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The full Division of Legislative Audit report will be presented to the legislature's Standing Committee on Counties and Municipalities  and will be public information, accessible at

Posted 10-16-12

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