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Immediate Debt Relief

Can't Pay Your Credit Card Bills? Owe Back Taxes? Facing Foreclosure?

Call These Free Debt Help Hotlines for Immediate Assistance

Credit Repair & Bankruptcy Removal 888-894-7180  (6am to 10pm Mountain)
Debt Settlement Help 877-530-8627  (7am to 5pm Pacific)
Foreclosure Help 888-641-9579  (7am to 8pm Pacific)
Tax Debt Help 877-846-1791 (7am to 8pm Pacific)

New regulations and economic recovery initiatives are motivating banks, credit card lenders and even the IRS to forgive debt faster than ever before.

Last year, millions of people needlessly lost their homes to foreclosure or were forced into bankruptcy while waiting for a federal bailout. This year, more and more people are actually canceling credit card and tax debt with  personal debt relief plans. The plans make it possible for people with a minimum $10,000 total credit card or tax debt to legally reduce debt without filing bankruptcy.

According to government statistics, more than three-quarters of American families have credit cards and roughly half of them carry a balance from month to month. The average debt among families with a balance of $10,000, and roughly one-fifth of those with credit card debt pay interest rates higher than 20 percent. Now more than ever before, it is important for consumers to find out if you qualify for debt settlement under new regulations.

Are you eligible? Complete a 20-second form to find out.




If you qualify, you may:

  • Quickly and Legally Settle Your Debt

  • Significantly Eliminate Debt in 12-36 months

  • Settle Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills and Personal Debt

  • Settle Your Tax Debt

  • Stop Abusive Calls from Debt Collectors

  • Check Now To See If You Qualify!  



Start Now! Time is Running Out!

Reduce Your Credit Card Payments - Settle Your Debt


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