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Deaf Smith County Unclaimed Estates

Deaf Smith County Unclaimed Estates

Unclaimed estates in Deaf Smith County, Hereford and Dawn Texas have $22,569 due heirs. This can happen when assets are found after probate or when estates are not probated.


NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. It is not an offer for housing or credit. The word estate as used here, refers to assets left by deceased people to their heirs and is not a reference to real estate. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Estate Of Eric Christopher Horton $4,156 Hereford
Estate Of Julia Chavez $3,573 Hereford
Charlie Stengel Estate $2,386 Hereford
Estate Of Alice F Gilleland $1,476 Hereford
Oneta Rudd Estate $1,438 Hereford
Elton G Houston Estate $1,302 Hereford
Estate Of Joshua J Castillo $1,300 Hereford
Estate Of Lillian Cheek $1,000 Hereford
Billie C Hodges Estate $910 Hereford
Nelma Mae Williams Estate $778 Dawn
Estate Of Herman Gonzales $392 Hereford
Estate Of L G Clay $391 Hereford
Florine Betzen Estate $327 Hereford
Estate Of Paul Helmke $270 Hereford
George Turrentine Estate $201 Hereford
Tonie Vaughn Estate $192 Hereford
Estate Of Jeff Nielsen The $188 Hereford
Lealo Parker Estate $177 Hereford
Estate O Collier $141 Hereford
Estate Of Ulys Pierce $140 Hereford
Patsy S Malone Estate $140 Hereford
R Cochran Estate Of M $135 Hereford
Estate Of Richard E Hollanbaugh Sr $121 Hereford
Kennard Gearn Estate $119 Hereford
Kennard Gearn Estate $115 Hereford
A Shirley Estate $110 Hereford
Ernestine Blakeley Estate $105 Hereford
Estate Of Lucia M Guajardo $105 Hereford
Estate Of Richard C Birdwell $76 Hereford
Jewell Miller Estate $61 Hereford
Estate Of J Rodriguez $60 Hereford
Estate Of Roy D Obrian $60 Hereford
Estate Of Galvin $50 Hereford
Estate Of Dennis Cheek $50 Hereford
Estate Of Martinez Manuel G $50 Hereford
Wanda Tice Estate $49 Hereford
Estate Of Gary R Mc Quigg $48 Hereford
Estate Of Adella Jaramillo $45 Hereford
Patricia Ann Estate Nunnally $43 Hereford
Adolph B Jacob Estate $42 Hereford
Estate Of Rosie M Allen $36 Hereford
Henry W Johnson Estate $34 Hereford
Frank Estate Brinkman $33 Hereford
Douglas Hicks Estate $32 Hereford
Estate Of Ygnacio Lemus $29 Hereford
Rachel E Hunter Estate $29 Hereford
S N Thweatt Estate $28 Hereford
Estate Of June Stark $27 Hereford

This is a partial list showing only Deaf Smith County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  Browse unclaimed estates by county or See more sorted by city

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


Did You Find Money? Claim Your Family's Inheritance or search for individual names at Texas Unclaimed Property


Unclaimed Property Recovered from Abandoned Safety Deposit Boxes.

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Texas Unclaimed Property a Division of the Texas Comptroller

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