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Life in Dawson County Tx 1850 - 1950

Life as our ancestors saw it in  Lamesa, Arvana, Hancock, O'Donnell and Welch, Texas


Lamesa Texas National Bank in 1930sLamesa Texas National Bank in 1930s

Sometime in the 1930s an unknown photographer captured this great old photo of the Lamesa National Bank in Lamesa Texas where a man has found something interesting in the tree.

Sucker Rod SmithSucker Rod Smith

"Sucker Rod" Smith was a colorful character that called Lamesa home for many years, later moved to Big Spring. He rode his horse everywhere! He was a frequent customer at the Sky Vue Drive In movie theater (photo shows him on his horse at the snack bar). He would frequent The Majestic Theater downtown and tie his horse... continue reading

Lamesa Boys Baseball Team in Late 1920sLamesa Boys Baseball Team in Late 1920s

Sometime in the late 1920s fifteen boys posed for this team photo of the boys baseball team in Lamesa Texas for this great old photo . . . read more

Lamesa Golden Tornadoes Pep Squad 1934Lamesa Golden Tornadoes Pep Squad 1934

In 1934 thirty four members of the Pep Squad for the Lamesa Texas Golden Tornados posed for this wonderful old picture which includes the little girl names Jimmie Lee Cotten who served as the mascot...

Majestic Theater in Lamesa Texas in 1949Majestic Theater in Lamesa Texas in 1949

The Majestic Theater, a former movie house in Lamesa, had been around since the 1920's. A Lamesa Tornado yearbook from 1925 had an ad for The Majestic. This photo is from at least 1949. "Bomba, The Jungle Boy", on the marquee, came out in '49.. I remember going to the movies here in 50's. I remember the "Serials" on Saturday mornings... continue reading

Rodeo Parade in Lamesa in 1950Rodeo Parade in Lamesa in 1949

1949 rodeo parade on the square in Lamesa Texas. Majestic Theater & Mesa Restaurant in background. Rodeo parades drew large crowds back then.

E R McGregor and Maxine MooreE R McGregor and Maxine Moore

On December 16, 1935 Everett Reynolds McGregor (ER) and Billie Maxine Moore (Maxine) were married in Lamesa Texas. On their way out of town they posed for this wonderful photo that expressed their love. E R became a Methodist preacher and Maxine became an LVN nurse. Photo courtesy Paula McGregor Pratt

Inman's Cafe in 1930s Lamesa TexasInman's Cafe in 1930s Lamesa Texas


Hamburger Stand in Lamesa in 1950sHamburger Stand in Lamesa in 1950s

Sometime in the 1950s Mr. and Mrs. Spurlock stood in front of their hamburger stand in Lamesa Texas

Lamesa Texas in 1938Lamesa Texas in 1938

Nice image of downtown Lamesa Texas from the top of the Dawson County Courthouse show two pharmacies, grocery store and eleven vintage cars

Elbowman Grocery in Dawson County Texas in 1940


Beer Joint in Dawson County Texas in 1940Beer Joint on Dirt Road in Dawson County in 1940


Family Shopping in Lamesa Texas in 1940Family Shopping in Lamesa Texas in 1940
Lamesa Tx Street Scene1940'sLamesa Texas Street Scene in 1940's


Dawson County Texas Farm in 1940Dawson County Texas Farm in 1940
Cedar Lake Town Site in 1940Cedar Lake Town Site in 1940



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Books about Dawson County People and Places

Books about Dawson County People and PlacesBooks about Lamesa,  Hancock, O'Donnell and Welch

Dawson County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Dawson County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Dawson County left a total $63,780 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Lamesa, Ackerly and Welch Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office . . .  See the list

Dawson County Treasures

Rare Artifacts, Memorabilia, Ancestry and History Records from Lamesa, Arvana, Hancock, O'Donnell and Welch, Texas. See Dawson County Treasures (eBay Ads)

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