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County Recorders Shutter Offices to Stay Afloat


County recorders throughout the country have begun closing their offices one day a week in order to keep their offices operational and within their budgetary confines. Two counties in Ohio - Harrison and Morrow Counties - recently joined other counties in taking the preventative step.

Dixie Shinaberry, the recorder for Morrow County, told examiners that the new hours were necessary in order to keep her office and its staff running within the parameters of her budget. Had the recorder's office stayed open five days a  week, additional cuts would have been required.

Thus, the Morrow County Recorder's office is no longer open on Fridays; the same is true for the recorder's office in Harrison County. According to Tracey Boyer, the county recorder for Harrison County, four-day service was mandated by a 10 percent cut from her office's budget. County commissioners implemented the cut, and the only way for Boyer to meet the requirement was to shutter the office for one day each week.

According to a report from WTRF-7, Boyer cannot predict when her office will return to its standard five-day service.