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Iowa County Clerk Arrested for Same-Sex Marriage Forgery
TurpinWayne County Clerk Steals $140,000 Gets 60 Days Jail
Omar Guerrero

Missing County Official Sought On Sexual Assault Charges

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John Dunivan - Fugitive county official found deadManhunt: County Official Sought on Child Sex Charges

Former Butler County Clerk Now a Federal Fugitive

Fugitive Clerk Found Dead

Patrick O'Malley Resigns - Takes Federal PleaFederal Agents Raid, Close Ohio County's Auditor's Office

County Recorder Resigns, Takes Federal Plea Deal

O'Malley Released

Frances Deane, the county recorder for Clark County, Nevada charged with with feloniesCounty Recorder Charged with 19 Felony Counts

County Recorder's Files Confiscated

Judge orders County Recorder to leave office

Corruption Charges Move Forward Against Former County Recorder

County Clerk Dianne Wilson Fort Bend County

County Clerk Touts Bogus PhD

Courthouse for Sale

Degrees of Deceit: Officials Could Face Charges

Bogus Degreed Clerk  Clashes with Judge

County clerk slapped by AG ruling

Wilson Balks at Release of HIPAA Audit

Three Victims of Wilson's Site

Former Cumberland County Clerk Lynne Groce Arrested

KY County clerk charged with seven felony counts

Mike Burgess, the Sheriff of Custer CountySheriff Accused of Running Sex-Slave Operation from Jail
Iroquois County Clerk Indicted on Multiple Felony Charges
Criminal Links to Government Web Sites
Grand Jury Charges Judge With Attempted Murder
Redaction Failed - Sensitive Records Back Online Redaction Failed - Travis County Puts Sensitive Records Back Online
Illinois Lawsuit Debates County's Control of Public Record Access
Online Records Linked to Identity Theft, and Worse

Allegations of Mistakes, Misconduct and Corruption of Public Officials and Government Vendors

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State Provided Innocent Man’s ID to Wanted Murderer
Suspended Aransas County Judge Still Highest Paid Official
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Some Corrupt Officials Never Learn
Government Agencies Exposed 94 Million
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Iowa Official Arrested for Same Same-Sex Mariage Fraud
Indicted Clerk Defies Judge
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