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Commissioner Distributes Over 1,000 Plungers In Support of "Joe the Plumber"

Texas Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack will distribute over 1,000 plungers to voters and poll workers on election day.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 1, 2008 Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack announced today he has purchased over 1,000 plungers for use at polling places on Tuesday.

Just holding a plunger at the poll sends a powerful message that we can all relate to

Radack, a longtime county commissioner, is known for taking unusual actions to energize Harris County voters. He is encouraging people across the nation to take a plunger with them Tuesday in support of Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher.

Wurzelbacher, an Ohio working man, was thrust into the national spotlight last month when he approached Democrat Barack Obama with a question about his tax plan.

I am calling for a national movement in support of 'Joe the Plumber' on Tuesday. Joe represents the real America. He's a hardworking, middle-class guy who is concerned about being taxed out of a job," said Radack. "I am doing this for all Americans who support Joe and are concerned about small businesses surviving if Obama is elected."

Radack plans to distribute plungers to poll workers who will be supporting conservative candidates Tuesday. He is asking all "Joe the Plumber" Americans to take their own plunger to vote or work the polls on Election Day.

"Just holding a plunger at the poll sends a powerful message that we can all relate to," Radack said.

Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack
(713) 465-8000
plungersatpolls @

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