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Life in Gregg County Tx 1939 - 1950
Kilgore Skyline with Oil Wells Adorned with Christmas Stars and Lights in 1939

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Dancin’ in Anson: A History of the Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball

In the 1880s, there wasn't much in Anson, Texas, in the way of entertainment for the area’s cowhands. But Star Hotel operator M. G. Rhodes changed that when he hosted a Grand Ball the weekend before Christmas. A restless traveling salesman, rancher, and poet from New York named William Lawrence Chittenden, a guest at the Star Hotel, was so impressed with the soiree that he . . . Read more Look inside

Charles Schreiner, General Merchandise: The Story of a Country Store

Schreiner settled near Kerrville, the location of a shingle-makers' camp. Schreiner decided the area needed a good country store and on Christmas Eve, 1869, he opened for business in a cypress board building measuring thirty by sixty feet . . . read more or browse more J. Evetts Haley books

Life in the Saddle

"I remember well one ride I made. I left the Colorado River country in Texas in March and rode my horse, Greyhound, belly deep in the Pacific near Los Angeles, and got back to Brownwood on Christmas Day. " . . . Read more Look inside



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