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Amazing People from Armstrong County Texas
Charles Goodnight
Charles Goodnight
Born March 5, 1836, Charles Goodnight is possibly the best known rancher in Texas. He is sometimes known as the "father of the Texas Panhandle." After building his first temporary living quarters in Palo Duro Canyon in Randall County in 1876, Goodnight built a comfortable three-room ranch house farther to the southeast in Armstrong County, where the canyon floor widened out for ten miles or more. He also built corrals and a picket smokehouse at the site, which he affectionately dubbed the Home Ranch.

Goodnight moved to Texas in 1846 with his mother and stepfather, Hiram Daugherty. In 1856, he became a cowboy and served with the local militia, fighting against Comanche raiders. A year later, in 1857, Goodnight joined the Texas Rangers. Goodnight is also known for raising and leading a posse against the Comanche in 1860 that located the Indian camp where Cynthia Ann Parker was living with her husband, Peta Nocona, then guiding Texas Rangers to the camp, leading to Cynthia Ann's recapture.

Goodnight died December 12, 1929 and is buried in the Goodnight Cemetery in Goodnight Texas.

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