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Tips and Deals for Political Campaigns

As more campaigns head to the Internet before voters head to the polls, this section of News for Public Officials tracks the hottest tips, tricks, services and strategies savvy candidates are using nationwide.


Commissioner Distributes Over 1,000 Plungers In Support of "Joe the Plumber"



Postcard Marketing - Will They Open the Envelope?

By Dennis H Lewis


CNN Study: Why Political Attack Ads Work!


Political Campaigns and Advocacy for the Internet Age

By Paul Travis


Choosing the right local Political, Personal or Business Coach
By Ramona Creel

New Online Reputation Management Service Protects and Defends Politicians


10 Mistakes To Avoid For Your Postcard Campaign

By Toni Grundstrom


Blog Your Way to Election Success

News for Public Officials



Write an Effective Fundraising Letter in 14 Steps

By Alice Feathers, M.A. TESOL, Professional Editor and Writer



Build A Virtual Election Campaign Headquarters in Minutes

Ring Central


Stay in touch with voters with professional campaign  email newsletters

Constant Contact


The Smart Way to Design and Buy Printed Campaign Literature



A Dozen Secrets for Dealing With the Press

Mark Montini


3 Simple Steps to a Professional Campaign Website

News for Public Officials


Turn Cell Phones Into Votes

Voxant Newsroom


How Identity Fraud Sweeps Candidates In and Out of Office

News for Public Officials


Why Do You Want Media Coverage Anyway?

Campaign Secrets


Raising Money in Difficult Times

Mark Montini


Got Web?


How to Write the Perfect  Fundraising Letter

by Larry Barkdull


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Campaign Marketing via Email Provides Impact, Efficiency and Constant Contact with Voters

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