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Study by provides concrete evidence that political attack ads have a significant and measurable impact on voter opinion, and work by affecting unconscious associations, regardless of what people consciously report...


Blog Your Way to Election Success

No matter what kind of campaign you’re running, a Blog lets you quickly and easily create a place on the web where voters can find you, learn about you, interact with you and contribute to your success. . .


New Online Reputation Management Service Protects and Defends Politicians

For those engaging in political races, the open structure of the Internet poses a particularly precarious challenge as blogs and other web-based postings are frequently used to smear reputations. There's now a way to fight back with your own blogger defense team.


How Candidate's Emotions Win and Lose Elections

U.S. News and World Report highlights lessons from the past and present about how public displays of emotion often makes the difference between winning and losing elections. Watch the video


YouTube and CNN Want Your Political Videos

YouTube is showing some unorthodox videos by and of 2008 presidential candidates that are making waves on the Web. They want more. CNN and YouTube are running a contest to see which video will be featured during the Presidential


Campaigns Find Creative Ways to Turn Cell Phones Into Votes

With cell phones becoming all-in-one tools, candidates are looking for creative ways to turn  text messages into votes and ring tones into campaign slogans...

Immigrant Convicted in Campaign Funding / Identity Theft Scheme

A jury in Multnomah County Oregon says a Ukrainian immigrant forged signatures and stole identities to help his candidates take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public campaign finance system.

Obama Takes MySpace Page from Hapless Supporter

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign organization  reportedly took over a MySpace page created by a once ardent California supporter and refused to pay Joe Anthony for the time and effort he invested in developing the successful page.


Illegal Alien Issue Trumps Deep Pockets of Opponents

Proving once again that issues matter more to voters than campaign ads, an election that many considered a de facto referendum on the city's Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Ordinance resulted in proponents of Carpentersville’s ordinance handily defeated opponents with deeper pockets. . .


Write an Effective Fundraising Letter in 14 Steps

By Alice Feathers, M.A. TESOL


Quality vs. Quantity: Which Is Best for Your Campaign?

By Mark Montini

Every campaign at every level must constantly choose between quantity and quality when it comes to campaign communication.  Unfortunately, what looks like the right choice often turns into a vote-costing nightmare for many campaigns. 


Two Lessons Candidates Should Learn from Imus

Mark Montini


Regardless of how you feel about the whole Don Imus controversy, there are a few important lessons every candidate could learn from what happened. Not surprisingly, both lessons deal with how you communicate to voters.


Google canvasses for political ads

Going after a niche that could go mainstream, the Web giant teaches candidates of all stripes how to campaign online


Don’t Let Identity Theft Rob Your Election

Concerns about ID theft from online records swept candidates in and out of office in 2006. Voters sent a clear message that ignoring their need for security would be dangerous for political futures. The message could be the key to the office you seek, or the lock that bars your re-election in 2008. The voters were talking. Were you paying attention?


Newly Elected Clerk Keeps Campaign Promise


(NY) -- Less than a week after taking office, newly elected Oneida County Clerk  Sandra DePerno made good on her campaign promise to pull the plug on sensitive records that her predecessor had posted online.


Build a community online--as well as a campaign

The Independent Weekly


If there has been anything that has marked a difference between John and Elizabeth Edwards and others testing the presidential waters, it's their grasp of the Web as a tool for action—particularly as a way to build networks...


Gaming the Search Engine, in a Political Season

Published: November 6, 2006

A GOOGLE bomb — which some Web gurus have suggested is perhaps better called a link bomb, in that it affects most search engines — has typically been thought of as something between a prank and a form of protest. The idea is to select a certain search term or phrase ...



Running for office? Better run from Colbert

Lawmakers are wary of his Comedy Central show, which often gives them enough cable to hang themselves.

Most politicians are as likely to pass up free TV face time before an election as they would be to refuse a campaign check.

Then again, there's a price to be paid for looking stupid...


Candidates Duel Over Online Records

In a time of rampant identity theft, what candidates are telling you about themselves may be less important to voters than what incumbents are telling the rest of the world about their constituents. . . Read Candidates Duel


Friendster and ViTrue Partner to Launch World's First User-Generated Political Advertising Contest: ''Get Political!''

Companies Facilitate Grassroots Political Exchange through User-Generated Videos for the More than 170 Million Americans Online

By BusinessWire



'Netroots' campaign gaining popularity among young voters

Posted Thursday, September 14 2006 12:37:07 am

By Matthew O\'Rourke, Massachusetts Daily Collegian (U. Massachusetts)

(U-WIRE) AMHERST, Mass. - Since the 1960s, college campuses have typically been farming grounds for Democrats, looking to turn out new voters. However, in recent elections, Republicans have been far more successful in mobilizing the electorate.

In a midterm election year where control of the U.S. Congress is on the line, a new form of grassroots campaigning has emerged, aptly named "netroots" - Internet-based campaigning - which Democrats hope will help them turn the tide. . .


Candidates reach out to voters on MySpace
By Brandi Grissom / Austin Bureau

AUSTIN - If the 2006 gubernatorial election were held on, politically incorrect Kinky Friedman's Cuban-cigar smoke would waft through the Governor's Mansion in January.

With 26,848 friends, or contacts on his profile, the independent candidate makes Democrat Chris Bell seem almost lonely with 216 MySpace friends. GOP Gov. Rick Perry and independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn, well, they'd barely be on the ballot with the rogue profiles set up for them on the popular social networking site.

Online social networks, blogs and podcasts are becoming as much staples of modern campaigns as mailers, fliers, radio and television spots. Texas politicians are going online to organize supporters, raise money, spread their messages and trash opponents in multimedia formats that appeal to a growing Web-savvy constituency. . . . Continue Reading


DA files harassment suit against sheriff

The first woman district attorney in Sherman County has filed a workplace harassment lawsuit against the sheriff she once investigated in a fatal shooting.

Tara Lawrence, 34, who lost her bid for re-election this spring . . . continue reading



Campaign help program
AUMA aids potential candidates and managers

by Dave S. Clark
Wednesday September 06, 2006

Sherwood Park News — If you’ve considered running for office but you really don’t know where to start, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) thinks you probably aren’t alone.
The organization is holding “Promises, promises -- Developing and Running a Successful Campaign.” This is its first ever session that is open to the public and it will offer many tips on what needs to be done to get into public office. . . continue reading


Smile, Politicians! You're on YouTube

The video-sharing website gives candidates a new audience for their campaign ads -- but also for the footage they'd rather voters forget.

By P.J. Huffstutter, Times Staff Writer
September 4, 2006


Focus on the Internet for tools, not media.

Marketing expert Dave Morgan offers some tips for taking political campaigns online.


"Political campaigns are learning to love the Internet, but not for its advertising placement opportunities. . . .

Continue reading


Voto Latino Launches First Cell Phone Voter Drive

Voto Latino, a nonprofit organization founded by actor Rosario Dawson, announced today that it is rolling out the first U.S. cell phone-based voter registration drive to register an ambitious number of young American Latinos for the November 2006 elections. The nonpartisan campaign will be powered by Mobile Voter’s TxtVoter , a free nationwide text messaging voter registration service that any organization can use anytime and anywhere.

Find out how you can use this service in your campaign.

Voto Latino Cell Phone Drive


Innovations give candidates new avenues to voters

Political candidates this year have a lot of brand new toys at their disposal to help reach voters.


"Broadcast media brought us broadcast politics," Jimmy Wales, Founder of Campaigns Wikia said. "And let's be simple and bluntly honest about it: Left or right, conservative or liberal, broadcast politics are dumb, dumb, dumb. . .


Read the article to learn more about social-networking sites, online encyclopedias, Facebook, MySpace, Web log authors, and Campaigns Wikia and how some campaigners are using these new tools. 


Unregulated blogs promote wild political rumors

Unlike other campaign vehicles, such as mail pieces or TV ads, blogs aren't covered by campaign finance laws and regulations because they are considered media. Bloggers can spend what they want and get money from wherever they please without disclosing its origins. As more voters tune out TV and turn to the Internet for news, information and entertainment, these campaigns will become far more influential.

Local Candidates Take To Internet Campaigning

No longer a fad, many people running for office now offer a presence online.  Most common: websites filled with pictures, endorsements, qualifications, and background... providing voters an uncensored look into the candidate . . .


Republican candidate’s wife sues political rival
WASHINGTON (AP) - The wife of a Republican candidate in Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District has sued one of her husband’s opponents, accusing him of making threats over the phone.

Internet Injects Sweeping Change Into U.S. Politics

Officials in both parties say the extent to which the parties have now recognized and rely on the Internet has increased at a staggering rate over the past two years. If you want to get your message out, the old way of paying someone to make a TV ad is insufficient: You need your message out through the Internet, through e-mail, through talk radio.


Republican candidate’s wife sues political rival

Published Sunday, August 6, 2006
WASHINGTON (AP) - The wife of a Republican candidate in Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District has sued one of her husband’s opponents, accusing him of making threats over the phone. . . .
Read candidate's wife sues


Mehlman: Democrats willing to surrender tools in terror fight

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- The head of the Republican Party accused Democrats of being willing to surrender the tools necessary to combat terrorism as the GOP tries to capitalize on its national security advantage in a tough election year


Mary Schmidt column: Political ad blitz about to begin

The difference from traditional advertising is that political candidates hold the biggest "one-day sale" ever, called an election.


Use of Web videos grows in campaigns
As far as campaign tools go, a commercial on the Web is nothing new in political races.

Negative political ads may fire up voters

Scholars contend that negative advertising could help voters discriminate between candidates and pique their interest in elections.


By comparison, issue-based ads contrasting candidates' positions are often seen as more effective in connecting with voters and less likely to generate backlash.

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