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True Stories of Amazing People and Places in Texas

Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950
Life in Brown County Tx 1909 to early 1940's


Brown County, Texas in 1800's to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers from Brownwood, Bangs, Early, Blanket, Lake Brownwood and Thunderbird Bay. Click on photos to view larger.


Click on the photos below to see full size images
Brownwood Fire Department in 1907Brownwood Fire Department in 1907

Firemen posed with their horse drawn fire fighting wagons in 1909 near Forepaugh and Sells Bros Show billboard

Central Texas Hospital in 1929Central Texas Hospital in 1929

Model T's and a man on horseback were on the muddy street in front of the Central Texas Hospital and the Brownwood Hatchery in 1929 in this large crystal clear image.

Brownwood Courthouse Square in 1880sBrownwood Courthouse Square in 1880s

The courthouse square in Brownwood Texas as it appeared in the 1880s with the bakery on the right and the saloon on the left.

Bangs Texas Public School in 1909Bangs Texas Public School in 1909

Student's and staff pose for huge school photo in front of the Bangs Public School in 1909

Bangs Texas Railroad Depot in 1886Bangs Texas Railroad Depot in 1886

The men and horses who helped bring the railroad to Bangs Texas pose in front of the Santa Fe Depot in 1886

Car converted to truck to carry turkeys 1939Car converted to truck carries turkeys to Brownwood 1939
Turkey in the Car Brownwood Texas 1939Man Struggles to Get Turkey Out of His Car

In 1939 Brownwood Texas a man struggles to remove live turkey from the family car.

Model T at Gas Station Brownwood Tx 1939Model T at Gas Station Brownwood Tx 1939

This Model T has seen better days but the reliable little car still beats walking.

Brown County Courthouse in 1944


WW1 Armistace Day Parade Brownwood TxWW1 Armistice Day Parade Brownwood Tx
Payne University Class of 1912Payne College Class of 1912

When it wasn't called Howard Payne it was Payne College like the pennant says.

Howard Payne Football Team 1909Howard Payne Football Team 1909

Earliest known photo of the Howard Payne football team. Only a few of the players had helmets in this photo.

Howard Payne Football Team in 1923 Brownwood Texas

Players: Hodges, R. Harris, Flack, Caldwell, Stanford, Richey, Farmer, More, A. L. Kirkpatrick, Taylor, McAllister, Cook, Moore, Beasley . . . read more

Howard Payne Football Team 1924 Brownwood Texas

Davis, Stanford, R. Allbright, McAtee, Keaton, Moore, Henderson, Grady, T. B. Amis, Bissett, Mcallister, Scott, Hodges, Jobes, Nunnaly, Caldwell, Beach, Dheaney, Burns, Blinn and Cook.

Howard Payne Football Team in 1925 Brownwood Texas

T.B. Amis, J. Allen, Stanford, Wright, Boyd, Jobes, J.B. Shirey, Cook, Caldwell, M. Hodges, W. Hodges . . . read more see full size

Brownwood Texas  Police and Fire Department in 1930Brownwood Fire and Police Department 1930

In 1930, 47 members of the Brownwood Police and Fire Departments posed in this huge photo so clear you can identify the faces . . . tap the photo to see full size

Birds Eye View Brownwood in 1909

Horse drawn wagons are being loaded in front of the W. T. Scott & Co store in this birds-eye view of Brownwood Texas in 1909

Brown County Mail Cart in 1908Brown County Mail Cart in 1908


Brownwood Feed Store 1939

Featuring Baker Boy Four and Carey's Salt

Brownwood Vegetable Stand 1939
Brownwood Tx Main St 1941Main Street in Brownwood Texas in 1941
Brownwood Street Scene 1940's


Brownwood Street Scene in 1945Brownwood Street Scene in 1945


Center Avenue Brownwood Texas 1946

Featuring McLean's Studio, Tolin's Cafe and 1940's Cars

East Barket Street in Brownwood in 1910East Baker Street in Brownwood in 1910

Horses, buggies and delivery wagons on the dirt street in front of the Mid-Texas Land Company and Sam Brin's One Price Store on East Barket Street in 1910 . . . see it full size

Building Army Barracks 1940 BrownwoodBuilding Army Barracks Brownwood Tx in 1940

Workers clamor to construct barracks ahead of looming storm.

Castle Court Tourist Camp Brownwood in 1941Castle Court Tourist Camp Brownwood in 1941


Cold storage plant, Brownwood, Texas 1939Cold storage plant, Brownwood, Texas 1939

Workers pack Swifts Turkey

Poultry House,Brownwood Tx 1939Poultry House Workers in Brownwood Texas 1939

Workers line up for shift change.

Stonewall Jackson Camp No. 118 Brownwood in 1910Stonewall Jackson Camp No. 118 Brownwood in 1910


Brownwood Bulletin Board 1939 Brownwood Bulletin Board 1939

"We Trade for Livestock"

Brownwood Ice Co c1900Brownwood Ice and Fuel Company c1900

Providing Ice, Coal and Cold Storage



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