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Life in Brewster County Tx in 1850 - 1950

Alpine Texas in 1910Alpine Texas in 1910

Nice view of Alpine Texas from a high perch in 1910

Roundup on King Terry RanchRoundup on King Terry Ranch

Peaceful day for these two cowboys on the King Terry ranch in Brewster County Texas in the 1930s

Holland Ave in Alpine in 1923Holland Ave in Alpine in 1923

Very nice photo of Holland Avenue in Alpine Texas in 1923 with vintage cars lining the street and one preparing to cross the ruts to get to the other side

Downtown Alpine in 1940sDowntown Alpine in 1940s

Busy day in downtown Alpine Texas with hardly a place to park anywhere in the 1940s

Alpine Texas Craftsman in 1900sAlpine Texas Craftsman in 1900s

A craftsman set up shop on the streets of Alpine Texas in the early 1900s and gathered a small group of men and boys to watch what he was doing

Public School Alpine TexasPublic School Alpine Texas

In the early 1900s the public school brought out their students for this class photo in Alpine Texas

Holland Hotel in 1920Holland Hotel in 1920

Multiple cars surround the Holland Hotel in Alpine Texas in 1920

Main Street Alpine Texas in 1920Main Street Alpine Texas in 1920

Model T Bus drives past Hotel Holland in Alpine Texas in 1920 in this incredibly detailed image.

Marathon Train Station in 1940sMarathon Train Station 1940s

Military train waits on one side of the Marathon Train Station in Marathon Texas while steam locomotive pulls into view in the distance in 1940s

Casner Chevrolet in Alpine in 1960Casner Chevrolet in Alpine in 1960

Nice view of Casner Chevrolet and Phillips 66 gas station in Alpine Texas in 1960

Tire Store in Alpine in 1920sTire Store in Alpine in 1920s

Sometime in the 1920s two men posed inside their tire store in Alpine Texas for this highly-detailed photo

First Orient Train into AlpineFirst Orient Train into Alpine

On March 29, 1913 the first Orient train arrived in Alpine Texas even as railroad workers were working on the tracks.

Hotel Holland in Alpine in 1915Hotel Holland in Alpine in 1915

In 1915 twenty eight men and women turned out with their cars at the Hotel Holland and Alpine State bank for this large photo . . . see it full size

Alpine Texas Railroad DepotAlpine Texas Railroad Depot

Huge photo of people waiting to board and pick up travelers as steam locomotive  pulls into station . . . See it full size

Alpine Texas Rodeo Parade 1926Alpine Texas Rodeo Parade 1926

Model T's line the street and people on the buildings watched horses and wagons parade past in the great old photo of downtown Alpine Texas . . . tap image to see full size

Movie Theatre in Alpine Texas in 1939Movie Theatre in Alpine Texas

Lining up for the picture show in Alpine Texas 1939. Young boys wait for the chance to see Cowboy and the Lady with Gary Cooper in 1939. The kids will pay a dime to get in but the adults will pay a quarter . . .  see it full size


Brewster County Cowboy at Beer Hall in 1939Brewster County Cowboy at Beer Hall 1939

In 1939 a Cowboy in Brewster County was caught relaxing with a beer in a local bar. The sign above his hat says TRUST YOU? TOMORROW ... maybe!

. . . Zoom in for a closer look

Horse Trader Shows Horse in Alpine in 1939Horse Trader Shows Horse in Alpine in 1939

A horse trader offers a fine horse for sale on the dirt street of Alpine Texas while stone-faced potential buyers look on.

. . . see it full size


Small Crowd at 1939 Street Side Horse SaleSmall Crowd at Street Side Horse Sale

A small crowd gathered around a horse trader's impromptu sale on the street in Alpine Texas in 1939 . . . Look closer

Cafe in Alpine, Texas  in 1939Cafe in Alpine, Texas  in 1939

At a cafe in Alpine Texas in 1939 a waitress waits for the next customer to walk in while the cook in the background gets ready . . . look closer

Cowboys In Beer Hall in Alpine, Texas 1939

Two cowboys down beers at a bar in Alpine Texas in 1939 while an older cowboy watches with disapproval and reaches for a smoke. Alpine Lumber Company calendar hangs on wall next to antelope horns . . . see full size

Cowboy Looks at Spurs Display in 1939Cowboy Looks at Spurs Display

In 1939 in Alpine Texas a cowboy kneeled down to get a closer look at the spurs on display in a glass case . . . take a closer look

Cowboy Relaxes in Cafe Booth in 1939Cowboy Relaxes in Cafe Booth

In 1939 a cowboy kicked back with a beer in his booth at a local cafe in Alpine Texas

Saddle Shop in 1939 Alpine TexasSaddle Shop in Alpine Texas

In a Saddle Shop in Alpine Texas in 1939 a cowboy examines halters, bits chaps and more hanging from the wall ... Large photo see it full size

Boot Maker in His Shop in Alpine in 1939Boot Maker in His Shop in Alpine in 1939

In 1939 a boot maker posed for this photo in his shop in Alpine Texas with a pair of his hand-made boots hanging behind him . . . see it close up

Alpine Texas Main Street 1940'sAlpine Texas Main Street 1940's

Crystal clear image of downtown Alpine Texas shows 1940s cars driving past the Texas Cafe, Saddlery and Hardware store, Granada Texas and the Alpine Cafe . . . see this huge image

Three Cowboys in Alpine Texas Bar 1939Three Cowboys in Alpine Texas Bar 1939

Troy Baker recognized the cowboy on the right as his great grandfather Ray Ogle and Wadene Musgrave identified the one in the center as her father, Joe Musgrave when they saw this picture on the Facebook group West Texas History & Memories . . . see it full size


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