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Books About Sterling County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Sterling County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorites from Sterling City and Broome Texas.


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Crossing Rio Pecos

by Patrick Dearen

Patrick Dearen, winner of the 2015 Spur Award, grew up in Sterling City, Texas.

The Pecos River flows snake-like out of New Mexico and across West Texas before striking the Rio Grande. In frontier Texas, the Pecos was more moat than river--a deadly barrier of quicksand, treacherous currents, and impossibly steep banks. Only at its crossings, with legendary names such as Horsehead and Pontoon, could travelers hope to gain passage. Even if the river proved obliging, Indian raiders and outlaws often did not . . . Read more Look inside    . . . more books by Dearen


by H. B. Broome

After his long-time friend is murdered and more lives are threatened, Tom English, a reluctant gunfighter, rides hard against outlaws from all over the West in order to protect his family and friends.

Found inside: H. B. Broome is a longtime resident of Texas who grew up in Broome, Texas . . . Learn more

Between the Cracks of History: Essays on Teaching and Illustrating Folklore

Found inside: "On September 2, 1907, Alonza Eddins' eighteen-year-old daughter, Ina Claire, married Harry Tweedle, a nearby rancher who had moved to the encompassing county of Sterling at age three in 1886. As a wedding gift, the elder Eddins presented them with three horses ... She made no early impression on the Tweedles, however, and they sold her as a yearling to fellow Sterling County citizen Oscar Findt, a cowboy and one-time government trapper . . . " Read more Look inside

The Way I Heard It: Tales of the Big Bend

by Walter Fulcher

Found Inside: "Born in Lampasas County, Texas, on December 21, 1887, Arl Walter Fulcher was about fourteen when his family moved him to Sterling County in 1901. His father, Frank Porter Fulcher, was a native Texan; and his mother, Cora Etta Fulcher, was brought from Missouri to Texas at the age of five. In Sterling County his father is remembered as one of the pioneer ranchmen of West Texas . . . " Read more

Graham Barnett: A Dangerous Man

Graham Barnett was killed in Rankin, Texas, on December 6, 1931. His death brought an end to a storied career, but not an end to the legends that claimed he was a gunman, a hired pistolero on both sides of the border, a Texas Ranger known for questionable shootings in Company B under Captain Fox, a deputy sheriff, a bootlegger, and a possible “fixer” for both law enforcement and outlaw organizations.

Found Inside: "Among those details were that there were very few people who could handle Graham when he was drinking. One of the only people who had any ability at all to deal with him during one of these episodes was Vern Davis, the sheriff of Sterling County who had grown up with him. Vern had had a lot of practice dealing with Graham . . . " Read more Look inside

Harsh Country, Hard Times: Clayton Wheat Williams and the Transformation of the Trans-Pecos

Found Inside: All of this changed in the summer of 1927 when Clayton Williams met Chicora (Chic) Graham, the twenty-one-year-old sister of Oscar Graham Jr., who worked for Clayton at the Texon Light plant in Santa Rita. Chic had finished her sophomore year at Triinity University and was living with her family in Sterling City for the summer . . . Read more

The Last of The Old-Time Cowboys

Working cowboys live on as genuine legends who rode through a golden moment in American history. In the 1980s historian/ author Patrick Dearen went looking for the last of these fading icons.

Found Inside: Will Durham was born April 6, 1892, in Iatan and moved with his family to Sterling County when he was Two. By the close of the nineteenth century, he already had hired out to the U Ranch on the headwaters of the North Concho River in Sterling County . . . Read more


by Mitzi Broome McKinney

These letters/essays were written by Mitzi Broome McKinney, and posthumously compiled (and very minimally edited) by her daughter, Rebekah McKinney-Reese.

"Born in 1925 in San Angelo, Texas, to George S. and Rebekah Jane Moody Broome, Mitzi was raised in San Angelo and on the family ranch in Broome, Texas. While on the ranch, she and her brother, Claude, were home taught by their mother, Jane Broome, and their aunty, Merle (Myrt) Moody. She attended High School at Sterling City and graduated there . . . Read more Look inside

Lucky 7: A Cowman's Autobiography

Found Inside: "The following year, he went back into the cattle business for himself in Sterling County, in west central Texas, forming a partnership with John S. McWilliams that lasted for three or four years. Carpenter then took charge of the Hereford Cattle ... " Read more Look inside

The Meanest Man In West Texas

by H. B. Broome from Broome Texas

Seventeen-year-old Tom English has great difficulty living up to his newfound--and unwanted--reputation as a gunfighter after he kills the fearsome Jack Malone in self-defense . . . Read more

Gambler's Luck

by H. B. Broome

Expelled from Virginia's prestigious Washington & Lee College when he is caught gambling, Lad Trimble is sent out west to work on the ranch of his enraged father's old friend.

Arrows Over Texas


This is a thinly populated county in West Texas with a ranching economy. It is on the rolling West Texas Prairies which are broken by the North Concho River. This river flows ... " Read more

1981 Yearbook: Sterling City High School, Sterling City, Texas



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