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Books About Somervell County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Somervell County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorites about Glen Rose, Nemo and Rainbow

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Footprints and the Stones of TimeFootprints and the Stones of Time

Carl Edward Baugh is an American young Earth creationist. Baugh has claimed to have discovered human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints near Glen Rose Texas. Baugh promoted creationism as the former host of the Creation in the 21st Century TV program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. *Did dinosaurs some weighing as much as 70 tons, become extinct millions of years ago? *Or, did dinosaurs and man live on earth at the same time? *If so, why and how did they become extinct? Dr. Baugh and Dr. Wilson tackle these perplexing questions from both an archaeological and a biblical perspective . . . Read more

The Ranger Ideal Volume 3: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1898-1987

"Sixty-nine-year-old Sheriff Joe Dotson, Constable Clyde Hawkins and Deputy Sheriff Lee Taylor killed one moonshiner and captured another in a pitched battle six miles south of Glen Rose on November 30, 1927, a third bootlegger escaped..." Read more Look inside

Building a Culture of Hope: Enriching Schools With Optimism and Opportunity

by Robert Barr and Emily L. Gibson

"When Bob was in the fifth grade, he cashed in his school banking account so his family could use $48.00 to buy a mule. Through hard work and sacrifice, his parents saved enough to buy an acre of land, then eight acres, and finally, their dream, a 150-acre ranch in the cedar breaks and rolling hills of Glen Rose, Texas. His parents found their American dream through sacrifice and hard work; Bob found his through education ..." Read more Look inside

Thirteen Soldiers: A Personal History of Americans at War

Monica Lin Brown was decorated for "extraordinary heroism"... The day after she turned seventeen and a year and a half ahead of schedule, she graduated from Brazos River Charter School in nearby Nemo, Texas, her ninth and final school, in May 2005, the same year as Justin. After graduation Monica nd Justin went live with their paternal grandmother, Katy Brown, in Lake Jackson, Texas, near Houston where Monica had been born... Read more Look inside

Ms. Maggie Tells Her Story

"His property was a large track of land and it backed up to the Brazos River in Nemo, Texas, near Glen Rose, Texas. I was so scared and would not dare open my mouth. I knew that if my daddy found out that I had asked God to blow away the the chicken coop, he would kill me, I thought ..." Read more Look inside

Scientific Creationism: Study Real Evidence of Origins, Discover Scientific Flaws in Evolution

"One of the most spectacular examples of anomalous fossils is the now well-known case of the Paluxy River footprints, in the Cretaceous Glen Rose formation of central Texas. Here, in the limestone beds, are found large numbers of both dinosaur and human footprints. The tracks occur in trails, and in two or three locations the dinosaur and human trails cross each other, with two known cases where human and dinosaur tracks actually overlap each other..." Read more Look inside

My Dogs and Guns: Two Memoirs, One Beloved Writer

John Graves lives and writes in Glen Rose, Texas, in the hard scrabble country that has inspired so much of his work. "My Dogs and Guns pairs two memoirs—two halves of an outdoorsman’s heart. First is “Blue and Some Other Dogs,” the story about Graves’s favorite Basque-Australian sheep dog, Blue. Second is “Guns of a Lifetime” which is a nostalgic chronicle of the guns Graves has owned, beginning with a “rusted and cylinderless” revolver..." Read more Look inside

The Glen Rose Moonshine Raid

With hills studded with whiskey stills and cisterns brimming over with beer, Glen Rose operated in concerted defiance of one of Prohibition's chief champions, Governor Pat Neff. In 1923, Neff dispatched Texas Rangers and undercover agents to do the job of the unwilling local law enforcement. More than fifty men were arrested, including the sheriff and the county prosecutor. Outraged, the town's most prominent citizens stalked the Rangers and their agents, assassinating the primary operative in an ambush and further escalating the affair. Author Martin Brown follows the frenzy of the raid and its aftermath . . . Read more Look inside

The Summer I Held The Chisel

by Kathy May Davies

"This historical fiction is based on fact and is set near Glen Rose, Texas during the Great Depression. Told by Daisy Ryals, a young girl who relates the accounts of one summer in her life. The majority of the names, places, and events are real. Conversations and sequence of events are created in order to make the book an adventure instead of a nonfiction account. It is a story about a family during the Great Depression, working and living during a difficult time in America's history. It is historical fiction, a story for all ages, an account that will inform some, surprise some, and perhaps provide an insight into an age few care to remember..." Read more Look inside

The Billionaire Bet

by Sylvia Hart

"I was living in Rainbow, Texas, and he wasn't. We had two different lives, and although they collided for a short period of time, he really wasn't going to be staying, and I wasn't moving to Alabama, so there was nothing else to discuss ..." Read more Look inside

Please Pass the Biscuits, Pappy: Pictures of Governor W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel

"Here in Rainbow, Texas at the home of Senator Vernon Lemens the governor had his knees full of babies. Forty-year-old Senator Lemens was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in in 1928, while still a law student at the University of Texas, Austin and was elected to the Texas Senate n 1936..." While the hit film O Brother, Where Art Thou? celebrated a fictional "Please Pass the Biscuits, Pappy" O'Daniel, this book captures the essence of the real man through photographs   Read more Look inside

Renegades:The Last Gunfighter

"The sound reminded Frank of his friend Reuben Craddock, the blacksmith in the little settlement of Nemo, Texas, far to the north. The burly Reuben shared Frank's love of reading, and that thought reminded Frank that he needed to find ..." William W. Johnstone is the premier chronicler of the American West--and of the brand of iron-willed men who would define a nation. His action-packed novels capture the untamed frontier in all its glory, tragedy and brutality--as ordinary Americans wage extraordinary battles to settle an unforgiving land . . . Read more

Ghost Towns of Texas

"Chalk Mountain is located on U.S. highway 67 about 19miles east of Stephenville and 13 miles west of Glen Rose in extreme southeastern Erath County. Its cemetery, with grave markers dating back to the 1870s, is a mile and a half southeast ot the town just across the line in Somervell County... The most prominent landmark in Chalk Mountain is its two-story frame Masonic lodge. The chapter received its charter in 1904 and occupied the upper floor of a newly built commercial building, a store operating on the ground level..." Read more Look inside

The Mysterious Valley

"Bold and mysterious, the Montana cowboy, Douglas McGarret, drove into the Paluxy River Valley without knowing the dangers facing him. Caught up in a vicious web, he cast aside all previous training to become a part of the Texas hill people. Was his love for Nelda Jean McCoy great enough to cause him to kill a traitorous Texas Ranger? Hidden deep within their minds, the people of Glen Rose, Texas still talk about who killed one of their own who turned traitor..." Read more Look inside

E-Volution Is a Fraud, It's Nothing More Than a Religion

"The truth is if you take a drive, flight, or walk, to Glen Rose Texas you also may view the dinosaur tracks side-by-side with human foot print tracks. Dinosaur footprints tracks and human footprint tracks walking together in a number of areas and not just one or two steps or places but in a large area as if they were even walking together in a number of areas and there's a lot of other artifacts and facts to be found down in those areas from a number of researchers..." Read more Look inside

The Creationists: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design, Expanded Edition

" From acquaintances who had belonged to the Deluge Geology Society, Whitcomb had learned in 1957 about Burdick's explorations in the Paluxy River bed, near Glen Rose, Texas, where he claimed to have found giant human footprints side by side with those of dinosaurs. Burdick eagerly supplied Whitcomb and Morris with information about the tracks, as well as photographs of the footprints, but insisted that his identity not be revealed. At the time he was working on his Ph.D. in geology at the University of Arizona, and he feared that public exposure as a flood geologist would jeopardize his obtaining his degree..." Read more Look inside

Folks Lena Knew

by Winnie Dowden Wyatt

Lena, a ten-year old girl, has to leave a drought stricken West Texas ranch for the orange groves of South Texas. There she sees and learns about "wet backs" and their continuing role in the U.S. When she moves back to the ranch, she meets the "dot.com" millionaire who has bought it. Lena finds them to have much in common--composing the patchwork of her life, and of America. The author lives on a small ranch in Glen Rose, Texas with her family . . . Read more Look inside

Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters

"The visage that startled Pike appeared in Texas in the late 1860 or early 1870s. Calling himself John St. Helen, the mysterious stranger settled in the scenic Paluxy River village of Glen Rose. In a riverside log cabin, he sold whiskey, tobacco, and other staples to locals and folks camped near the town mill. Area pioneers later recalled St. Hel's "polished manner and cultivated bearing" The "center of attraction" at community gatherings, he recited English poetry and drama with "eloquence" and had a captivating "stage presence." At the same time, he evinced a "restless and haunted, worried expression," as "flashes from his keen, penetrating black eyes spoke of desperation and capacity for crime..." Read more

Buddy Bee Discovers Fossil Rim

An "exciting wildlife adventure" as Buddy discovers Fossil Rim. Fossil Rim is an Endangered Wildlife Center located in Glen Rose, Texas. Buddy Bee greets and meets a few species of the endangered wildlife and becomes great friends with an Attwater Prairie Chicken known as "Lil' Tex but please call him "L.T." . . .Read more

Church at Home and Abroad (Jan. - June 1895)

This Institute at Glen Rose, Texas, was Our Church has a great work to do in established in 1888 by Trinity Presbytery to Texas . No other denomination can do our enable young men and women to obtain work... Check it out here . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

Looking unto Jesus: The Christ-Centered Piety of Seventeenth-Century Baptists

J. Stephen Yuille resides in Glen Rose, Texas, with his wife, Alison, and their daughters, Laura and Emma. He is the Teaching Pastor at Grace Community Church and Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas ... Read more about his book Looking unto Jesus . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

Throwaways: The Claus Chronicles

by D. R. Strahan

In the city of At il there were two laws strictly enforced: Number one, it was against the law to feed the children and number two,it was against the law to leave the city. Fox, the thirteen-year-old son of the governor, had done both... Ms Strahan, born in Winchester, Indiana, has resided in Glen Rose, Texas for more than thirty years. She is the mother of three, the grandmother of four and the great-grandmother of five children... Read more Look inside

Somervell: Story of a Texas County

Somervell County is a rugged, hilly area greened by oaks and cedars and adorned by crystaline streams. It is not a new land, and the ancient dinosaurs left their tracks upon its long before present-day man appeared. the Indians built their campfires along the streams, and later Spanish explorers touched the area. But it was the Anglo-Americans who came to stay. Indian depredations postponed the advance of civilization until early 1870s when frontiersmen established Somervell County and chose Glen Rose as the county seat... Read more here

The Red-Winged Blackbird: A novel about the bloodiest and most costly labor dispute in American history

After a 31-year career teaching English, creative writing and outdoor education, Bob Reed lives with his wife Sandra, their dog and three cats in the Texas Hill Country south of Glen Rose.
"The whole world operates on coal, boys. Men will kill for it. That makes a miner pretty damn powerful." Powerful, yes. But in the viperous worlds of mining, union organizing and warfare, digging coal can make a miner a sitting duck, too. Alan Tanner reckons he's just another coalass trying to make a living, care for his family and have a little fun. Trouble is, death stalks him. His mine explodes and the stench of bloody carcasses lingers..." Read more Look inside

Hard Scrabble: Observations on a Patch of Land

"... The demand for this latter product soared with Prohibition, and in the twenties stills proliferated in the hills, turning out a beverage that was more like rum than whiskey by now, for less rain went into its making than bought sugar. Some of it was aged in barrels for a time; much was not, but dripped from coppers in jugs and mason jars and found its way quickly to Glen Rose, a sort of spa in those days with some fine malodorous sulfur springs and a pretty..." Read more Look inside

Knowing Yourself: Knowing God

A Christian psychologist vulnerably shares his journey to know himself and to know God. "John F. Shackelford, Psy.D. grew up in Glen Rose, Texas where he enjoyed his friends, sports, and drama. He initially felt a call to the ministry but at Howard Payne University he realized his calling was to psychology and Christian counseling. . . . Read more Look inside

Grant's Dilemma

Written with much of the same wit and style that became his trademark when he wrote a weekly newspaper column, Gibbs takes his readers on a semi-autobiographical, semi-Walter Mitty ride that the whole family can enjoy. "Talented beyond her years, she plans to study art in college and to continue to improve her skills as an artist. She has two younger sisters and one younger brother and is the oldest daughter of Arther and Lisa Villa of Glen Rose, Texas..." Read more Look inside

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Glen Rose, Texas: Bypassed, Forgotten, and Preserved

Located just west of the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex, the community of Glen Rose, on the banks of the spring-fed Paluxy River, has attracted people for a century and a half, not only for the shaded quiet of its streets and its historic structures, but also because of the fossilized dinosaur tracks plainly visible on the stone bottom of the nearby river. Here, veteran Texas historian T. Lindsay Baker and photographer Paul V. Chaplo provide an illustrated tour of this picturesque town, transporting readers straight into its shaded streets and highlighting the many historic buildings . . . Read more Look inside

Glen Rose Texas

Charles Barnard, a Connecticut entrepreneur, settled in the Brazos Valley in 1849, running an Indian Trading Post. He built a gristmill in 1860 near the confluence of the Brazos and Paluxy Rivers, around which the town of Glen Rose sprang up. Captured here in over 200 vintage photographs and postcards is the history of this quintessential little Texas town, from its origins as a mill town, to the bedroom community of Fort Worth that it has become today. In its earliest days, settlers flocked to the region from the war-torn South during the Civil War. By the 1900s, both Somervell County and Glen Rose established fame . . . Read more Look inside

A John Graves Reader

"Over the years we stayed close to Alex and Gina in spirit if not physically, though there were some visits back and forth. I particularly enjoyed, if that is the word, a couple of longish, combative sessions with Alex here in Somervell County, not long before he died at 82. He asked ---nay, demanded ---that I help him polish his memoirs, a task that turned out to be impossible. These recollections dealt with his own heyday in the art world, back in the Twenties and Thirties, and they were full of rich material. But in reflection of Alex's dark and bitter and Transcaucasion side, they were also extremely cantankerous, with such an overload of stored-up resentments and petty grudges toward contemporaries as to be unpublishable, and publication was what he had in mind..." Check it out

From a Limestone Ledge: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas

by John Graves

In the late 1950s Graves returned to Texas, taught for a time at Texas Christian University, and purchased Hard Scrabble, the four hundred acres in Somervell County near Glen Rose Where h has worked both as a farmer and a writer ever since. . . Read more Look inside

Goodbye to a River: A Narrative

"They money-cropped when they could make the money crops grow; little Somervell County at one time had sixteen cotton gins (you ought to see the stands of needle grass in those old fields), wand where nothing else would grow they ran cattle, too many of them always, so that the grass went from the slopes and then the dirt, and the white lime rock showed through and the brush spread, and we've gone inot that before... In the end the country's sleep was one of exhaustion..." Read more Look inside

Dinosaur Highway: A History of Dinosaur Valley State Park

Where the Paluxy River now winds through the North Texas Hill Country, the great lizards of prehistory once roamed, leaving their impressive footprints deep in the limy sludge of what would become the earth’s Cretaceous layer. It wouldn’t be until a summer day in1909, however, when young George Adams went splashing along the creek bed, that chance and shifting sediments would reveal these stony traces of an ancient past... Read more Look inside

Somervell County, Texas Pictorial History: 1896-2006

Chapters include: History, Government, Churches, Schools, Businesses, Medical, Homes, Roads &Transportation, Waterways, Dinosaurs, Families. Includes over 150 pages of photos . . . check it out


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