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Books About Montague County Texas People and Places
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Unlikely Warriors: General Benjamin H. Grierson and His Family

Unlikely Warriors is the story of Benjamin Henry Grierson, Civil War hero and postwar commander of the Tenth Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers," and his family on the western frontier.

Found Inside: " The normal winter "raiding holiday" failed to occur in 1870-71. Late in December, war parties crossed the Red and killed three men, a woman, and her child in Parker and Montague counties. In January, Big Bow led twenty-five Kiowa warriors into Young County and attacked four black men who were hauling supplies from Weatherford to their homes near Fort Griffiin. The men after killing their horses for a barricade, fought desperately ... " Read more Look inside . . . for more like this please see Black Texans in History


His younger brothers and sisters were in shock. Ben Robertson, fifteen, son of a South Texas share-cropper and with dreams of being a cowboy, started walking toward town. He climbed in a boxcar and rode three days and nights to Channing, Texas where his older brother, Fred Robertson, was working on a ranch. Found inside: "The first son, second child of Alphus Jack Robertson and Leona Trayler Robertson, was named Fred. He was born, on July 20, 1900 while they were working on the old Red River Ranch located between Ringold and Nocona, Texas, in Montague County . . . " Read more Look inside



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