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Books About Kerr County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Kerr County Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorite books about Center Point, Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville and Mountain Home Texas.

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A Day's Ride from Here Volume 1A Day's Ride from Here Volume 1: Mountain Home, Texas

Travel alongside historian Cliff Caldwell as he uncovers tales of true Texas grit, all within a day's ride of Mountain Home. Rough characters were plentiful in Kerr County after the Civil War. In fact, no fewer than three thousand of these outlaws were reportedly brought to justice in this same area before the end of the nineteenth century. While Native Americans fought for their ground, notorious gunmen like John Wesley Hardin and . . . Read more

Rangers and Pioneers of TexasRangers and Pioneers of Texas

"About this time, or just previous, the Indians made a raid into Kerr county, high up on the Guadalupe river, and after committing some depredations, retreated back through the Guadalupe mountains. A young man named Spencer Goss, collected seven or eight of his neighbors, and followed them. As the trail was through a rough and broken country, they went on foot ..." Read more Look inside

Texas Camel TalesTexas Camel Tales

From 1855 through 1860, the U. S. army actively experimented with camels as a mode of military transportation in the American West. The experiments were interrupted by the Civil War and never regained their footing; the army disposed of the last of its camels in 1866. Texas was the center of the experiments; the principal base for the camel corps was at Camp Verde, in Kerr County in the Texas Hill Country . . . read more and look inside

Charles Schreiner, General Merchandise: The Story of a Country Store

After the Civil War, Schreiner settled near Kerrville, the location of a shingle-makers' camp. Schreiner decided the area needed a good country store and on Christmas Eve, 1869, he opened for business in a cypress board building measuring thirty by sixty feet . . . read more or browse more J. Evetts Haley books or see more Christmas Stories in Christmas in Texas

The Texas Rangers: Wearing the Cinco Peso, 1821-1900

Found inside: "Company C set up camp in Kerr County. The enlisted men occupied twenty tents, while the officer stayed in an old house owned by Dr. James C. Nowlin, the company medical officer. By the third week in September, Sampson had his men on patrol . . ." Read more Look inside

Ed Gooding: Soldier, Texas Ranger

Found Inside: " I had only been in Kerr County a few days when I received a call from Charlie Miller, the Ranger in nearby Mason. This was THE Charlie Miller, a legend among the Texas Rangers ... Looking back almost forty years, I can't recall the first case I worked in Kerr County. I know I hadn't been there long when it came  to me through the grapevine that I had been paid one of the best compliments a law officer can ever get ... "

Kerrville Stories: Collected Newspaper Columns: 1995-2012

Collected columns from the Kerrville Daily Times, from 1995-2012. Herring is an award-winning columnist, and these stories tell the history of Kerrville, Texas, and Kerr County, Texas. Also included are stories of personal history, and his annual April Fools Day columns. This Kindle edition does not include photographs, but includes all of the text of the selected columns . . . see more

A Pictorial History of Kerr County, Texas
Reminiscences of my youth and other catastrophes

Kerr County historian Merrill D Doyle takes a nostalgic, and sometimes hilarious look back at what life was like in Kerrville and Kerr County at the turn-of-the-century . .

Kerr County Texas 1856 1956


Kerr County, Texas Land Records, 1837-1927, Volume 2, L-Z

This volume contains data gleaned from Kerr County, Texas, land records, 1837-1927. Records are alphabetically arranged by the surname of the grantee for L through Z surnames. Entries include: name of the grantee, name of the grantor, volume and page numb . . . see more

Home: Photographs of Kerrville Kindle Edition

A collection of historic photographs of Kerrville, Texas edited by Joe Herring Jr. . . . see more

Kerrville Mountain Sun and Kerrville Advance Obituary and Death Index, 1898-1965

This book presents, in index form, obituary information for nearly 10,000 people in the Kerrville, Texas, area. The first section of this book is devoted to the 1898-1929 obituaries from the Kerrville Mountain Sun and the Kerrville Advance. The Advance went out of business by 1920, leaving the Mountain Sun as the only local newspaper for a number of years. The second portion of the book . . . see more

Kerrville Daily Times Obituary Index, 1925 to April 30, 1979

The Kerrville Daily Times began in late 1925 as the Kerrville Mountain Times, and after a number of slight name changes over the years, is published now under its current title. Originally, as was the practice at the time, obituaries were scattered throughout the publication, but later issues placed obituaries together on a page. Entries are arranged alphabetically, and include: name of deceased, date of newspaper, and page number . . . read more

Kerrville Daily Times Obituary Books, 1986-2000, Master Index


 . . . look inside

The History of Eastern Kerr County, Texas

by Gerald Witt

Cowpokes Wanted

. . . see more books by Kerrville native Ace Reid

Hal and Charlie

True Story of the Two Texas Peterson Brothers Who Risked a Fortune to build a Hill Country Foundation

by Vicki J. Audette and J. Tom Graham

Music from the Heart

By Rod Kennedy, Kerrville Folk Festival Founder

The Fifty-Year Chronicle of His Life in Music (With a Few Side Trips)

Hot Jams & Cold Showers: Scenes from the Kerrville Folk Festival

Explore the culture behind one of North America's longest-running outdoor music festivals. Founded in 1972, Kerrville has achieved worldwide fame as a songwriter's festival -- but it's much more than that. For three generations of singers, pickers, campers and fans, it's a way of life. This personal memoir is written by one who has lived it . . . Look inside

Welcome Home: The story of a Kerrville Folk Festival Romance

This is the story of Dylan and Laura, and how they met and fell in love during the Kerrville Folk Music Festival. Although the book is about their blossoming romance, long time festival goers will recognize many scenes and situations of the festival described within the story . . . Read more

A Legacy of Faith: The History of Notre Dame Parish (Kerrville, TX)

Covers a complete history of the church from inception to present time. Illustrated with numerous photographs from the past. . . . for more like this please see Texas Church History

The family of Bennie Gray Halsted & Alpha Arvilla Ohlhausen

Sheriff of Armstrong County, Texas, Sharecrop farmers of Taylor County, Texas, ranchers of Kerr County, Texas

1940 Yearbook: Schreiner Institute, Kerrville, Texas

. . . see more Schreiner Institute, Kerrville Yearbooks

1969 Yearbook: Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas

Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift, the memories in this yearbook are sure to make someone smile!

. . . see more Kerrville Texas Yearbooks

Crises in Kerrville: A Jan Kokk Mystery

Jan Kokk, famous investigator from Curacao, finally comes to Texas. Not by design, the visit is caused by the emergency landing of his California flight in Texas . . . Read more

Hill Country Historic Cook Book of Kerrville, Texas

by Naida T. Garvin (Editor)

The Which Way Tree (Fiction)

Early one morning in the remote hill country of Texas, a panther savagely attacks a family of homesteaders, mauling a young girl named Samantha and killing her mother, whose final act is to save her daughter's life. Samantha and her half brother, Benjamin, survive, but she is left traumatized, her face horribly scarred . . . Read more

Lady's Day Out in Fredericksburg: Kerrville, Llano, Marble Falls and Mason
Books by Kerrville Resident Clifford R. Caldwell


. . . See more books by Clifford R. Caldwell


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