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True Stories of Amazing People and Places in Texas

Books About Duval County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Duval County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorites.


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Texas Humoresque: Lone Star Humorists from Then Till Now

An anthology of short pieces and excerpts by humorists from Texas, ranging from the 19th century to the present. The topical sections include the frontier, embattled Texans, early times, cow country, minorities, politics and politicians, religion, outlaws, and the cities. Found Inside: Jim Wells County is where they put her, snuggled up to Duval County just as comfortably as Bonnie to Clyde. The Duke of Duval, George Parr, was the "papacito" of this area occupied predominantly by Mexican-Americans. He ran things ... " Read more Look inside

Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers

Based on unprecedented access to Ranger archives, Lone Star Lawmen chronicles one hundred years of high adventure as told by one of the nation's most respected Western historians. Found inside: "On January 16, 1954 ... Waiting in the courthouse corridor to post bond, Parr and his nephew Archie, now sheriff of Duval County, encountered Allee and Bridge. Archie and Bridge exchanged insults. Bridge slapped Archie, who at once drew his pistol. Ale plunged in and twisted the gun from his hand. George Parr now joined the fray. Allee, still bullish at forty-eight, smashed George across the ear and dragged both men into the courtroom. . . . " Read more Look inside

The Trail Drivers of Texas: Interesting Sketches of Early Cowboys

Found inside: S. H. Woods of Alice, Texas wrote, "...moved to San Diego, in Duval County, Texas, where I hung out my "shingle" and commenced the practice of law. In the spring of 1893 I was appointed county judge of Duval County, but in the spring of 1894 I resigned as county judge to accept the appointment of district attorney for the old 49th Judicial District of Texas ... I served as district attorney for one term and in 1895 I was again elected county judge of Duval County, which office I held continuously until August, 1915, when I resigned and moved to Alice in Jim Wells County, Texas, where I am now practicing law.  . . . " Read more Look inside



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